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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. jmills8
    Can be music style aswell especially some high pitch no bass styles. Bet a little eqing can help but many refrain from using this power.
  2. endlesswaves
    I wonder if anyone did a side by side comparison between the FW10000 and the IER-Z1R.
  3. Kitechaser
    I've tried same tracks on different daps, A/B tested them, and they sound off on lower quality DAPs with limited power, and amazing on DAPs further up the food chain.

    Add: Massive difference between the ZX300 and WM1A, that I for some reason cannot explain, the difference in output is only 50mw, supposedly. And a total no go with the WM1Z, which sounded muddy, and sometimes harsh.

    This is all with an after market 24 gauge DUNU OCC/OCS hybrid cable.
    This iem does not do well with SPC cables.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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  4. jmills8
    Did that many times in Hong Kong , at shops and with a friends 1R.
  5. toranku
    My music could use bass, yes. Need lower mids as well. The metal, rock and jpop I listen to are typically high energy so harshness at uppermids or at the treble is not welcome. Prefer something with good natural body like dynamic speakers. Gives a good feeling of oomph and dynamicness to the music.

    Now I'm curious with CL2 with a stronger source. Havent tried it with WM1Z but you're probably right - I do think the CL2 could use more treble (esp extension) overall so the WM1A would seem like a better pairing.
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  6. jmills8
    Plus maybe you are young.
  7. endlesswaves
    Must be getting old and forgetful. Went back a few pages and saw toughnut's impression.

    What is your impression between those 2?
  8. jmills8
    1R is nice but not a natural sounding iem. Plus way over priced for the sound ot gave. Im ready to drop 3K for an iem that sounds great. 1R was easy to put in my ears than the 10000. The 10000 os much more open like a headphone, more realistic sound and tone. In my case Im in my 50s so maybe Im ok with treble now. I do eq when I believe I need to. I used AKSP1000 ,Cayin N8 , Cowon PL, Lotoo Touch, Colorfly U8 , Hugo 2 , ifi Bl. At times I added a portable amp with these daps. I used Arrow amp, Mass Kobo amp.
  9. thisismyname
    Yes, but it's not a fair comparison as I have more time with FW10000, I know more about eartip, how to wear comfortably and seal properly, cable, dap and music genre pairing than that of the very new IER-Z1R.

    In 2 hours of trying out the IER-Z1R with the balanced cable, I found out that pairing with my WM1A was not bad in terms of quality, but not attractive to me. Pairing with WM1Z playing the cantonese songs(prepared by the shop) I did feel engaging, but those were not the songs I familiar with(nearly all my songs are Japanese music). I didn't plan to buy WM1Z in near future, so with that listening experience, I think IER-Z1R is not suitable for me.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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  10. endlesswaves
    Thanks. I am in my 40s. With the crazy prices of TOTLs nowadays, I feel that the asking price of IER-Z1R & JVC FW10000 are still not too bad although it's not a sum I can dish out on a whim. Just thought I might get either 1 of these and quit head-fi for good. LOL at myself.

    Have you tried the LCDi4? It's comparable to headphones in openness. Didn't like it for it's mids without the Cipher cable.
  11. jmills8
    10000 was more dynamic, but I didnt like the fit from the i4 so I dont think I gave it a chance.
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  12. endlesswaves
    I am using WM1A too. Are you happy with the pairing of FW10000 with WM1A or do you feel FW10000 needs more power? Are you running it balanced? Do you feel the stock cable is good enough or is it holding it back? FWIW, cables and tips made my FW01 sounds good enough curb me from spending even more until these 2 came along (FW10000 and IER-Z1R).

    Edit: Thanks for replying and hope I am not too pushy with my questions. It's midnight now. Wish you all a good night or day.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
  13. Kitechaser
    Yup, fit on the LCDi4 is rough. It is very uncomfortable and not secure at all.
    That makes it a no go for me. Plus the ambient sound leaks in, as it is an open design, so its use is limited only to quiet rooms.
  14. thisismyname
    IMO WM1A is pairing ok with FW10000, I'm running it balanced with Effect Audio LeonidasII right now. The problem for the stock cable is it sometimes doesn't hook properly over the ear, and would swing out.

    Eartip sealing is a problem for the original eartip. I found out that with the original eartip I tend to listening in a higher volume, probably not only because of the sound isolation, but some sound leakage resulting a not so concentrate sound. The latest JVC eartips do improve that a lot. Link below for the eartip:
    (Be aware that the eartips are hot items now in Japan, and some are out of stock now)

    To me a little larger eartip(ML) is with better seal than a little smaller(M) which with deeper insertion.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
  15. toughnut
    EP-FX10 is the same eartip provided in FW10000, except the color coding stem. That was my understanding unless there's a difference in term of material too?

    For the cable, I encountered the same issue with cable swinging out from ear. I try to rotate it inward such that it naturally lay against my head when put it on. Work 50% of the time.
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