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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. toranku
  2. jmills8
    Jesus, you must have weird ears and or a weak dap. Everything you wrote I cannot agree to. Im a basshead, more exact would be an Adiophile Basshead and the JVC10000 gave me more than enough bass.
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  3. toranku
    Even if bass isn't an issue, I think the uppermidrange and upwards sound way too harsh. Have also paired them with semi-desktop/portable amps. We can agree to disagree. I'm just stating how my preference lies with Z1R. Save yourself the trouble of saying I have "weird ears".
  4. thisismyname
    "How everyone hearing differently?", "Combination and perception to different plaback system" are always interesting topic for discussuon. I'm glad that we could choose what we like, and they're products for different need of customers.

    May I know what dap/amp and the genre u have used to test the FW10000?

  5. toranku
    ifi micro. If that isn't enough, I don't know what is. If people are going to come up with the power argument, I'd argue that you can buy a denon 7200/9200 for a similar (and more balanced) signature since you wont be bringing a "powerful amp" out anyway.
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  6. ewhere
    U killed my fire
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  7. thisismyname
    I just wanna know which equipment may have a pairing problem with the FW10000. I remembered someone(?) has used ifi micro to pair with FW10000 and he's ok with it, so I think it maybe just subjects to personal or genre preference
  8. BlinkST
    The FW10000 is seriously underpowered with that single-ended cable—even with high-intensity mode on the SU-AX01. Last night I swapped it with the balanced cable, and the improvement in all areas (including the bass) was something serious. With the single-ended cable they sounded impressive, but smaller and weaker.

    Victor/ JVC underplays the importance of that full package on their website, but I believe you have to be willing to buy into that entire system ($$$) if you want to hear them at their best.
  9. toranku
    I listen to rock, metal and jpop. I'm fine with uppermidrange boosts, but not when the overall tone is harsh as well or/and when the lowermids are almost non-existent. I was asked to compare against the sony so I did. Even threw in a CL2 comparison for more points of reference.
  10. ewhere
    No, blind buy, But i like how they look lol (also nice reviews). They should arrive pretty soon!
  11. toranku
    Consider taking a trip down to Japan or Singapore. Perhaps even HK. Worth the time (and money) to personally get to hear things. As people have been saying, everyone hears differently.
  12. jmills8
    And the music tracks ?
  13. ewhere
    Yeah i know, but no time, was in HK last week but wasn't even aware of their existence lol. Tried PP8, Custom Art 8.2 and a bunch of high end stuff. Too late now. I think it should be a good buy though. thanks for the advises!
  14. jeffri
    I tested the Z1R and FW10K back in Singapore.

    LRM_EXPORT_227796969837623_20190404_003621062.jpeg LRM_EXPORT_227792011846511_20190404_003616104.jpeg

    The easiest take away is, both serve different audience/genre. The Z1R is more neutral, balanced sounding one, which works with most genre out there. I'm surprised with the coherence on this, which is out of all hybrid I have ever tried (including Tia Fourte and other hybrid flagship), this is possibly the most coherence hybrid.

    FW10K is brighter sounding, but surprisingly soft instead of harsh. This make it sounds so good with classical and instrumental tracks, violin still sounds sweet due to a bit of softness in it. I love what I heard on FW10K, female vocal still sounds good, but male vocal is possibly a bit too thin.

    Personally, for my taste, the Z1R is my preferred sounds. I still have to compare with Solaris though (that is also a very coherent hybrid). But FW10K just sounds really good with classical, that I also tempted to own one. :)
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  15. Kitechaser
    Yeah it's a DAP issue. A lot of these reviews that complain about the CL2 also have them paired with really weak mid-fi daps.
    Both these iems need power to sound right.

    Add: I just had a chance to pair the CL2 with the Sony DMP-Z1, and Jesus Christ, It sounded like heaven.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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