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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. thisismyname
    The stem is using high grade silicon instead of SMP iFit, I dont remember if there's any changes to the SMP iFit material, but the fitting and the sound are both improve with the new eartip.
  2. toughnut
    Will pick up a pair once available. Thanks for the info.
  3. thisismyname
    U're welcome. I do think that Victor/JVC should include their new eartip in the FW10000 new batch.
  4. BlinkST
    At 168 hours: the FW10000’s bass is excellent. This is it chief. When I get my cable, the FW01 is going into the drawer.

    As I listen to them—even with the single-ended cable—nothing bad is sticking out to me.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
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  5. toughnut
    Maybe our ears different. The only highend IEM I actually don't like is CL2 and I gave it 3 demos. Love the built quality and shape but not the sound. The sound basically tear my eardrum and brain. Perhaps faulty unit or that's in-line with your early impression?
  6. rutter
    Kitechaser is about to tear something else.
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  7. toranku
    I've tried 5 separate units of the FW10K and 3 units of the CL2. All sound consistent
  8. toughnut
    Fair enough. Thanks and hope you enjoy your new work!
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  9. Kitechaser
    Nah, not gonna tear anything up lol :)
    If anything, head-fi will show you how people have different tastes in audio.
    Add to that, DAP Compatability, cables, fit, tips, and the combinations are almost infinite. Someone on the IER thread said that vocals sounded horrible on the Solaris, CL2, 10000k etc etc, that just shows you how we hear stuff differently.
    I lucked into my preferred signature, and it's nice to finally not be drooling over every new iem that comes out :)
    Much easier on my wallet.
  10. toughnut
    Thanks for the FR curve. That's very close to Harman Curve for In-Ear 2017, especially after the rise at 600Hz. (Not that it matter as FR curve doesn’t tell the whole truth)
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
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  11. OnyX Prime
    I have both the 1r and 10k. To make it short, did an A/B/C (subject being 1r, 10k and a Japanese brand called Ar:tio RK01) blind test with
    1. different tips (foams, silicon and smp etc) 2. different dap/amp tube/suax01/cayin N8/sp1000), 3. different cables (stock mod 4.4 pentaconn, others see sig), 4. different people (4 including myself) with different ear canal and size, 5. different gender and age group (1F3M ranging from 25+ to 40+), 6. music genre: Jpop, R&B, rock, concert, Jazz, classical, therapy track, pure vocal male and female, one of each)
    Blind tested without knowing the price or tech behind each pair. Environment: ambient dB lvl @ approx. 50-60db.

    Conclusion? Majority picked 10k with a grin on their face and a “wow” on 1st impression, rk01 being second and 1r being the least interested due to them sounding like another pair of ordinary earphones = boring. Must give credit to 1r with its jewelry look. They immediately caught our lady tester’s attention when opened up. She was most interested in 1r at first but turns out disliking them with the fit, size and sound.
    We took a 2nd and 3rd test impression with different pairing to even out the bias that might have during 1st listening.
    When prices were finally unveiled, the only chosen one was 10k and rk01, where 1r was the least desired.

    10k being the most desired for sounding and fitting (con: with the impression of fatigue after long hours of listening due to the sound sig.), RK01 being the best choice out of the 3 to be used daily for extended hours, easily best in terms of cost to performance. 1r ...well, it’s a waste of time and hard earned bucks.
    That test eventually seals the fate of my pair of 1r and they are up for sale. For me it is definitely a hard lesson learned.

    However like some says, “different people has different ears and hearing”, best to try them out yourself, like I did... ;P

    (rk01: 200usd 10k: 1700usd, 1r: 1800usd)
  12. rutter
    Did the z1r at least crush the others in bass? Although I suppose there's not a lot of it in therapy.
  13. davidmolliere
    IMHO no way the FW10K has more upper mids than the CL2 - that’s from someone who actually owned them both for a while and spent hundreds of hours with each - yes it has forward upper mids but it’s IMHO done right avoiding any harshness contrary to the CL2. The FW10K has great upper treble presence but lower treble is clearly not as forward and that’s a very big difference with say the EX1000. The FW10K to me has more body than the CL2, thanks to fuller mids. Bass is faithful to the track IMHO, in fact it’s among the best mid bass I have ever heard striking a beautiful balance.

    I haven’t heard IER-Z1R but it seems there is frequently a « compared to IER-Z1R » followed by trashing the IEM it’s compared to. This started with the Solaris, now the FW10K and maybe other threads. I don’t see how it’s helpful and in the spirit of a community which aims at sharing a passion for audio gear as a mean to enjoy music

    Yes we also have different taste and that’s fine. It’s not about who « owns » the truth and I won’t trust anyone stating any opinion that is expressed in absolute term and/or X is better than Y (strike that, this goes even to « crush » now...). I am sometimes wondering if this has to be put on account of youth :p Yeah, X might be better than Y for YOUR taste. And I am not even factoring in music genre you favor, sources you use, volume level you listen to (yes this one is important), fit (we have different morphologies).... etc.

    Still waiting on the IER-Z1R to demo it here in Paris, because I am open minded and a long time fan of Sony products... maybe at the Sound Days at last...
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  14. jmills8
    10k hits deeper, more layered bass, cleaner, equally impactful. 1r seems to always pound with less layers and depth.
  15. rutter
    It's extremely helpful to people trying to decide where to put >$1500 and arguably is the single greatest utility of this forum. Really? You also haven't been paying close attention if all you're seeing is "compared to IER-Z1R" followed by trashing.

    You claim this stuff but I've seen quite a number of people now claim that the FW10k is bass deficient, let alone competitive with the Z1R in this aspect (the Z1R even being liable to overdoing it). So are you in essence saying that the bass of the FW10k pounds?
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