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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. BlinkST
    Hour 350: the FW10000’s bass sounds more complete compared to when I first heard it, putting it pretty damn close to the balanced FW01. It’s beginning to really come to life just as how I always imagined it could, leaving a big smile on my face.

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  2. rutter
    From another thread:

    Is the FW10K boring in comparison to the Z1R? How so?
  3. thisismyname
    After reading some threads you have replied recently, I suggest that you to have a check on DAP alternative, like Sony WM1Z, as I think the sound from DX220 may not be the exciting/attractive/engaging sound you look for.

    I have a DX100 long time ago. IEM plugging in a much cheaper Victor XA-V80 was easier to sound more engaging than DX100. I dunno how much alike are the 2 ibassos, but you may have a try on other DAP
  4. rutter
    I'm disinclined to believe dap is the primary issue although I am trying to dig into that a little. The DX2**s are generally highly regarded and I have not seen a complaint that they are not engaging. I'm getting the JVC spiral dot tips for the IER-Z1R on a recommendation to see if I get a better fit and improve treble. If that doesn't work to my satisfaction I'll proceed to sell the IER-Z1R and go for the FW10K. Many of the complaints I've had have been explicitly associated with the iems. The dap and music quality are secondary.
  5. jmills8
    I bought the dx100 right when it came out and still enjoy its sound.
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  6. Jalo
    I still have my DX100 and yes the sound is almost too good even in today standard.
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  7. Jalo
    I have both the FW10K and the Z1R, I diagree that the FW10K is boring whhen compare to the Z1R. I believe a few previous posts have indicate that the FW10K is more musical than the Z1R and I agree with that assessment. The Z1R has more resolution to me though. I love both for different reason.
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  8. Jalo
    Given the newly released information on the new AK SP2000, I think it may be a good match with both the FW10K and the Z1R.
  9. rutter
    The Z1R has more resolution meaning more detail and clarity? o.O Which one sounds more energetic?
  10. Jalo
    They are both energetic in different ways. The FW10K is just slightly more dynamic, a little tighter low end, bigger sound stage, but the Z1R is a little bit more resolve and yes you can hear a little bit more details, the bass seems to have a little bit more impact. To me they are different enough that I want to keep them both for now. They are both high end phones.
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  11. Kitechaser
    I really doubt the 1Z is a good fit with the Z1R. WM1A is where it's at.
    I just recently A/B a lot of DAPs with the CL2 : AK1000, AK380, DX200, AK SE100, WM1Z, WM1A, QP2R, DMP-Z1.
    DMP-Z1 obviously destroyed everything else, including dedicated desktop amps, but the WM1A was the winner when it came to all the rest.
    1Z came across as muddy, and at times harsh, I really doubt the Z1R needs that extra bass bump that the 1Z has.
    I think it would be too much.
    The Clarity, dynamics, imaging, soundstage and resolution on the 1A hit home for me.
    I am very curious as to how Sony did this, because on paper, that low power should be a severely limiting factor.
    In practice, that is not at all how it worked out.

    Add: this could all just be IEM specific. Synergy is an often the less talked about factor on head-fi.
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
  12. thisismyname
    I tried IEM-Z1R with WM1A and WM1Z in balanced some time ago. The sony shop running in the Z1R with mostly cantonese pop and I found it sort of not bad with those songs, but I seldom listen to those, so it's hard to comment on that. On my WM1A it doesn't seem attractive to me when listening to my Japanese songs, so that's why I had those comment. When pairing with WM1Z, Z1R did seem like the run-in was not far from mature, but when I paired with my WM1A I did feel it needed more time for run-in, maybe it's due to the songs used for run-in.

    Anyway, that's only an auditioned for the Z1R, don't take it too serious. With that sound impression I may say - maybe I'm not suitable for Z1R or Z1R may not be suitable for me, but maybe some others do.

    For most product, I would buy it only if it starts to impress me. For some product I would buy and test its potential myself. Sony is not a brand I would buy its product blindly especially at such price, maybe I would do that if it's final.
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
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  13. surfgeorge
    Since that was my post about the FW10k almost "boring" I would like to elaborate a bit more.

    To make it clear, I didn't mean that the FW10k sounded boring to me, but it sounded significantly different.
    To use an analogy from photography - for me the Z1R was like an HDR image, boosted, with popping colors and strong contrasts. It sounded like everything was kind of enhanced.
    The FW10000 was more like a fine art print, a very balanced, faithful and realistic image. Still very impactful and powerful, but much more natural.

    @Jalo - Since you own both of them (lucky man!) you are the reference and my memory must deceive me. For me the differences were quite significant even if I didn't spend that much time with them.
    How great it would be to have a month or a week with both these beauties...
  14. OnyX Prime
    You mean raw format (10k) and jpeg with velvet filter on (1r) lol
    Sony is good at making over priced cameras
    I’m a fujilm fan lol
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
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  15. Jalo
    This is a crazy journey, as I get involved with iem more and more I grew to appreciate the sound of iem more and more to the point I started to prefer iem over full size headphone. This is not scour grape’s talking as I do have several totl headphones like the Utopia, and the HD800 etc. However as the technology with iem continues to improve by leaps and bounds, I really believe that the gaps between iem and full size are getting smaller and smaller to the point that the advantage (sound stage) that full size occupies started to disappear. For instance, my top iems like FW10K. Z1R, Trinity and Lab2, even Solaris, Andromeda all have satisfying sound stage. I really grew to enjoy the intimacy of iem’s sound, and also started to appreciate the differences between different technology like single DD, hybrid, triple hybrid, planner, electrostatic and even ribbon etc. People keep asking me which one is my favorite, I can say Trinity is my favorite but many times I do like the fuller sound of the Z1R or JW10K. I travel a lot and iems offer me the ability to carry four or five different phones with me to satisfy my constant changing mood. That in addition to be able to share what you love with other makes this so fun and also looking at the wide opened eyes with dilated pupils when they hear that these iems worth over 10 grand.

    I think phones like JW10K, Z1R, Trinity etc are worth keeping for sometimes to come.

    And yes, the difference between JW10K and Z1R is actually pretty big. One thing about the Z1R though, it takes awhile to appreciate all the qualities that it offers. I auditioned the Z1R over ten times over two months period before deciding to buy it. I see many impressions on the Z1R thread rendering buying recommendations after a in store or show audition and that really did not do the Z1R justice main because a brief audition never give ones a full picture of the iem. it is almost like three blind men feeling out an elephant.
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
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