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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. toughnut
    Nope. The size/dimension itself a no for me. N8 already exceeded my limit for portable use. My ideal size will be R6 / SR15 / LPG / ZX300.
  2. jmills8
    I had the AK for about a year when it first came out.
  3. toughnut
    Probably will pay a visit when I drop by next time. Really wish R6 Pro be more available. The interface, spec, size and built quality is almost perfect.
  4. thisismyname
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  5. Wooglish
    Any other updates from anyone on a 4.4 balanced cable from JVC for the FW10k? I really love the feel of the stock cable, but miss balanced!
  6. toranku
    For the people in SG - the FW10K and Rai Penta is available for demo at West Gate Stereo.
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  7. amature101
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  8. thisismyname
    I didn't find any news about the cable in Japanese website. The stock cable sometimes fall off from over ear, if JVC/Victor cannot solve the issue, I think I may find other cables instead.
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  9. jeffri
    Nice, I'll drop by the day before CanJam. :)
  10. shigzeo Contributor
    These are by far my favourite dynamic earphones. And here is my review of it. I don't own it and only had it in my studio long enough to finish a magazine shoot. I want to sell the farm for it.
  11. shigzeo Contributor
  12. mr-duke
    Anyone bought this fw10000 new and can confirm if there is any plastic sticker to tell if product is new, sealed. I tried to google unboxing video/pics but cant find any. Would love to see some pics of factory sealed mark if any.
  13. jmills8
    Why, yours not sounding great ?
  14. mr-duke
    Well, i am planing to buy one.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
  15. thisismyname

    not sure if this was the first opening of the box or not, and btw this was Victor's FW10000

    Go and grab the spiral dot++ eartip with FW10000, this improves a lot for sound isolation and the sound.
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