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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. Jalo
    Thanks David, so it is OFC copper with parallel structure.
  2. Wooglish
    Sold my Solaris (poorly fitting, recessed female vocals) and just bought the FW10Ks...I could not be happier. Listening to my beloved Amy Winehouse on my sp1000m gold and it is absolutely sublime, even with no burn-in and stock cables. The spiral dots are perfect as well. The one thing I will note: it does take a lot to drive these relative to Solaris/ Andro/ Xelento/ lcdi4...I had to crank my sp1000m to 2x the level I am used to, but when I did, the results were truly awesome. Looking forward to listening with AK 2.5mm balanced cables on the sp1000m and switching to my 1z/ 4.4 balanced on high-gain. Really impressed with the fit and finish of these as well!
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  3. jmills8
    One of the best iems. Im a basshead but more of a audiophile basshead now.
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  4. Jalo
    Where did you buy it from?
  5. Wooglish
    I bought it from another forum member (and sold my Solaris here too). Just FYI, I think the fit of both the Solaris and FW10K is a bit challenging in different ways, which may make one or the other difficult for people depending on their ears. The Solaris tend to stick out and the FW10K tend to be wide/ broad. I have a normal-to-large ear, but shallower ear canals, so FW10K is a perfect fit for me, while Solaris makes me look like Frankenstein with bolts sticking out.
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  6. toughnut

    Second take with different IER-Z1R from different store and different source. iPhone with dongle is **** according to some.

    Source : SP1000m.

    Vol90 on Z1R, vol85 on 10K.

    Overall Z1R signature : boomy warm, upfront mid and treble distant back relative to mid and low.

    Adele - Sorry
    Z1R - Vocal sound “hard” and upfront. Doesn’t feel as unnatural or plasticky compared to previous demo. Bass quite boomy and ever presence. Not much detail/nuance in low end. High doesn’t feel like soaring high and a step behind. Overall clarity feel smoothed but not veiled. Stage not wide or tall.

    10k - Vocal sound much more natural, the Adele voice that I know. More nuance/detail can be heard easily (probably boosted). Perception of stage is better in term of height, wide and depth. More emotional as it should be.

    Daft Punk - Get Lucky
    Z1R - Same overall warmth. Again bass doesn’t have that tactile-ness and feel boomy. Mid upfront but sound ok this time. Not enough air between each instrument/note. Overall more intimate ie closed in. Club feel when cranked up the volume.

    10K - Bassline stay where it should be and each note distinct. Vocal sound more natural. Details more easily heard.

    Dire Straits - Money for nothing
    Z1R - Bass boomy and overall warmth. Vocal sound nasally/hard and upfront. Intimate stage but still can pin point instrument/vocal/position quite accurately.

    10K - Stage size and dynamic improvement quite noticeable over Sony. Sub and mid bass well controlled and placed behind the vocal. Vocals and instruments are clear, well separated and positioned. Each take their own space. Show better dynamic range compared to Z1R.

    Make no mistake, Z1R is definitely TOTL but not to my number 1 choice.
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  7. jmills8
    Totl in price not sound.
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  8. Jalo
    @toughnut thanks again for the impression. I will be joining the 10K club next week so naturally I am excited about your impressions. I was just wondering though since you audition the Z1R in store, may be the Z1R have not been fully burn in and that is why the poor control and boomy sound. Regardless I am excited to get the 10K.
  9. toughnut
    I’m curious myself and want to give it another chance before completely striking it off my list. Same with Solaris (4 different demo in total). In term of burn-in for the store unit, not sure how long but safe to say more than 100hours?

    My 10K passed 250hrs now and I don’t hear any significant change in sound past 80hrs.

    Looking forward to your first impression!
  10. toughnut

    Let’s go to the summit.

    Cayin N8 (SE tube) - Very musical and more warmth. Carries more weight and body to notes. Interface, screen resolution, player size, weight and fit/finish bettered by LPGT.

    LPGT - Equally engaging but more neutral. Low end is clear and much tighter if compared to N8.

    Both are really good, honestly. But for FW10K, I will go with N8. Good pairing with any headphone that you want to inject few doses of fun and musicality without loosing technicality.
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  11. jmills8
    You demoed them or bought them ?
  12. toughnut
    Demo, currently still in Singapore so easily accessible to these toys.
  13. jmills8
    If you can demo the cowon PL, pairs well with the jvc 10k.
  14. toughnut
    Not sure if store here carries Cowon but will look out for it. AK is everywhere compared to Cowon nowadays.

    AK SR15 is small and good sounding player but sadly poor battery life. SP1000m is overpriced. SP1000, won’t touch with ten foot pole.
  15. jmills8
    Did you compare the N8 yo the sp1000 ?
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