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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. rumina
    @Jalo the lab ii has some limits with deep bass due the open design, so a bit limited with electronic music. but even if they have both a single large dynamic driver the design is different. the lab 2 has a ultra thin 6 μ thick diaphragm (most dd are around 12 μ thick), the ha-fw10000 on the other side has a driver which thickest part (wood) is 50 μ + base( if its a sandwich construction) around 60 μ. so one driver is ultra light and the other thick and i think heavy.

    that something you realized fast when you listen to the ha-fw10000, the lab 2 is faster and super easy to drive. the ha-fw10000 gains quality and resolution with a powerful amp, thus this is needed to get the most out of it. imo the jvc has a good resolution but not as superb as the lab2. the price the lab2 pays is limited sub bass / general bass power where the jvc is dominant and powerful in this part. both are musical natural sounding earphones, stage is bigger with the lab 2 (a tad to big / imax effect). lab 2 is more neutral, less colored.

    both don't have excellent upper highs (jvc a tad hot upper mids/lower highs, but easy to correct with the right gear). fine for dynamic drivers but due the nature of dynamics drivers electrostatic oder magnetoplanar system are better (if well made). imo these system can deliver more - dynamic drivers lacks often the speed and extension even if the well tuned/made. for me technical limits of the general desing of a full range dynamic driver. but overall nothing that you miss, only notice if you listen for.

    but it's not a fair compairson, the lab 2 has a extreme complex housing with a mechanical equalizer build in the 3d printed titanium case. this and a high failure rate when the lab 2 driver was assembled pushed the cost up, nearly 3 times the prive of the jvc.

    imo the lab 2 has some if not the nicest mids i know (earphones or headphones), the tibre and decay in this part are brilliant. due the limits in the bass this earphones plays perfect with a lot of analogue music, struggles a bit with electronic/edm tracks.

    the jvc is a very fine allrounder with a pleasing (asian) audiophile sound signature, something i like very much. the lab 2 is not the way to go if you want only 1 earphone/headphones, with the jvc i could life if i could ony afford one. for me a top buy for the price, imo better then a lot of higher priced multi ba iem i had that struggles with coherence.

    you had the lcd2 - the jvc shares a lot with the lcd3f if you know them, very similar overall tuning.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
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  2. Jalo
    @rumina Thank you for such a wonderful reply with technical information. I rank my Lab II above all the iems that I own. Cannot wait to pick up the FW10000. I've just picked up the Jomo Trinity and has been enjoying the electrostatic treble. After listening to the Sony Z1r two times I decide to let go of that and go for the FW10000. Hope it won't disappoint.
  3. MrLocoLuciano
    Treble of the FW10000 has nothing to do with the Trinity one wich is way more natural.
    You'll compare and tell us ! Brass or SS ?
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  4. Focux
    do u find the treble on FW10000 better than the EST's on Trinity?
  5. Jalo
    I do not have the FW10000 yet, but I really like the Electrostatic treble on the Trinity (Brass), sometimes I will get burn out on BA drivers.
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  6. davidmolliere
    I have only auditioned the Trinity (SS) so take this with a grain of salt but while the Trinity is more airy with a feathery touch, I don’t feel the FW10000 is left behind it’s just a different take with snappier attack and longer decay (although it’s fairly fast in its own right) and a bit more liveliness. The treble tuning is not that different actually, with an upper treble focus and no harshness in lower treble on either IEM. The real difference to me is the softer attack on the Trinity and the shorter decay that makes it airier and as I said “feathery”.

    It probably depend how loud you listen, what genres you favor, etc. I definitely prefer the FW10000 presentation for Jazz and Classical, as it certainly infuses life into the music. The Trinity surprised me, I expected a more forward treble but they did a nice job of providing a lot of nuance. I won’t say it’s laid back but it’s not as forward and lively as the Flamenco. The trinity is probably something that needs time to grasp all the nuances it can offer.
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  7. Focux
    my sentiments too,

    they came across as electrifyingly quick and had that X factor for me

    brilliant for J-Pop/Rock
  8. Ricky64
    I’m seeing some references to jazz, along with names of some iems I am considering. When referencing the FW is good for jazz, to what qualities are you referring?
    For me, having some weight with piano and tenor sax notes, along with correct timber of acoustic instruments is important. Does the Trinity have this also?
    Also debating the Penta and Dita P71
  9. Jalo
    I listen a little louder than the average Joe and what I like most is that on louder volume with the Trinity or Electrostatic for that matter, the treble is still fine and tame and without being sibilant and I can really enjoy the airiness and the genuine treble sound. You can't do that with most BA drivers. With most BA drivers especially those that are tuned to be forward or on the bright side, as soon as you turn up the volume you will get that piercing tone on some notes that will destroy any enjoyment you have. Either that or the brightness of the overtune in the treble range will render listener fatigue real fast that make you think twice before reaching out to that phone.
  10. tekkster
    I was only just introduced to this from a friend of mine living in Japan a couple of days ago.
    I can't believe there's already 30 pages of thread! And some people already have these too!

    Right now, they seem to be sold out everywhere.

    There seems to be two ways to get them to the US. Through Malaysia, which has international shipping, but warranty is tricky,

    Or through White Rabbit, which is the service I use most often when ordering from Japan.

    Also, thanks to @rumina for the detailed thoughts on the sound. Pretty excited to give these a try. Supposedly most Japanese stores will have these available by March or April.
  11. hamhamhamsta
    Would JVC FW10000 sounds really good/ better with a 8 wire silver or silver/copper cable? Anyone tried cable rolling?

    Maybe some clarification: I have JVC FX850 (I know it's not comparable) used with ALO Ref8 silver/copper cable with modded Sony WM1Z. The sound quality is sublime. Clarity and resolution is very good. Timber is good, especially guitar and piano has weight. It makes me wonder how much beter is FW10000 and if silver/copper cable would improve sound quality further...
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  12. davidmolliere
    Well I have rolled cable (tried Hansound Zen 8 wire and ALO Gold 16) and so far stock is the best match, it’s of a very very high quality and the best synergy.
  13. Jalo
    Is the stock cable copper, silver, SPC? How many cores? If you know. General I prefer the best silver cable that I can get.
  14. jmills8
    Jvc website has all the answers to your questions, plus rge puctures.
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  15. davidmolliere
    Note that the capture is from a google translated page from JVC's japanese product page (it's not on the international product page actually) :

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