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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. rutter
    So these are supposed to be more lively than the z1r without being harsh in the treble? Is bass worse? What is supposed to account for liveliness?

    4.4 balanced cable recommendations?
  2. seeteeyou
    Spiral Dot++ (Small Size)






    Basically it's quite easy to compare the prices as linked above, then wait for their next 10% off sale here


    (FYI - they're able to offer that discount because Rakuten would give them plenty of Rakuten points for each and every order. Then they'll use those points to fund future Rakuten purchases and obviously that's how they could save so much money over and over.)

    Let's say we're gonna get FW01 as an example, the cheapest price at the moment should be 35,400 yen while 送料無料 means that domestic shipping is free. The ratings from three different shops are 4.47 / 4.30 / 4.28 respectively so obviously we're picking the highest one


    Copy the direct link above that's actually showing the 35,400 yen price, then visit this page below and paste it


    After that, we'll be directed to the following page and 10% off discount (i.e. 31,860 yen) will be shown when their next sale is on


    IMHO their service fees are incredibly cheap, 300 yen/item for Basic Forwarding and 700 yen/item for Buyer Protection


    In some (rare?) cases we might get even cheaper prices from other non-Rakuten shops when compared to Rakuten shops after 10% off discount is applied


    If Amazon.co.jp were able to ship internationally, we could also knock 8% off the price because of the sales tax


    My mama told me, you better shop around (shop, shop)
    Oh yeah, you better shop around (shop, shop around)
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  3. rutter
    I managed to add an item to the cart at a good price but consistently time out at sign-up. Can't order through kakaku at all for whatever reason.

    Also, why use fromjapan when rakuten appears to do international shipping given you can sign up from overseas? Perhaps they only do this for certain items or at a bad price? I have to go soon so didn't go all the way there.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
  4. audionewbi
    what is the rush guys, just wait a while and everything will settle and there will be so much stocks that no one would care.
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  5. rutter
    How are these with dance, electronic, and pop music? I'm starting to read that bass is questionable.
  6. jmills8
    Bass heaven, depends on the track.
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  7. rutter
    How does the bass compare to the z1r?
  8. thisismyname
    Please be aware that as FW10000 using DLC coating for the driver, it sounds cleaner, faster compares to their other wood iems, but it also easier to sound sharp or harsh with some cable/dap pairing.

    I have the 4.4mm Final silver coated copper cable, and find the combo wm1a+Final cable+FW10000 sometimes too sharp in treble to listen to. IMO be careful when you are going to pair with silver or silver coated copper cable, as some may adding sparkle in treble, which may sometime sound harsh to ears.

    I haven't tried too many cables to pair with FW1000. Effect Audio IMO is worth for a try, Ares II+ (below 250 USD) giving relax and engage sound, the cable is soft, but as it is a thick cable, it may not be so convenient to bring that out. I have bought the Leonidas II to pair with, but still in burn in period, so will share it later...
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
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  9. OnyX Prime
    Someone from a local shop I visited mentioned labkable pandora is very good match with fw10k, improved low and mid, more warmth and thickness
  10. OnyX Prime
    I did upgrade the plug of the stock cable to pentaconn 4.4 with some high end audio grade solder, quality and quantity of the bass is better, stage is overall bigger with vocal more intimate and most important of all, high pitch sharpness toned down slightly. I do believe the solder contributed quite a bit to this result. When compared with pw1960 4w, let alone sound stage, I prefer my stock cable over the overly expansive 1960 4w. Sound stage size and view is no match tho...but less to no treb harshness on the stock...yay
  11. thisismyname
    Not border to look for cables from Labkable
    For those who can read Chinese, and would like to know more about the quality or problems about Labkable, you could check the links below,

    If you have tried and like their sound, you can go ahead and buy. However, I would like to buy a proper cable with good quality for my IEMs.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
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  12. jmills8
    Off topic, but one dude complaining doesnt mean much. Every audio product has a negative review, many by the compitition.
  13. thisismyname
    Yes, this is my choice not to buy it.
    You could and should choose it yourself
  14. Jalo
    I recently acquired the FW10000 and because of the statement here that the stock parallel cable is excellent I started to listen to it with my 1Z. To be honest I was not that impressed upon first listening given the hype in these 34 pages. I almost want to put it on the for sale forum. After a few auditions, I decide to put on my Norne Silvergarde balance cable and what a surprise the FW10000 turns into a new phone. More transparent, more air, more textures etc. I think the Fw10000 does require more power to open up. The journey continues.
  15. jmills8
    Well the 1z is underpowered overweight dap.
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