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V-MODA Zn: Official Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, Videos, etc.

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  1. teecee5
    So here is my
    amateur REVIEW of the BEATS TOUR 2.0 and the V-MODA ZN
    Since it is often hard to compare things and get a feel, if this fits you or not, I will have a personal 0-10 rating.
    Listening with the iPod Shuffle (newest Generation), the Sony Z5 Compact and via my Steinberg UR22 USB Audio Interface.
    Using the delivered tips and also the InAir-Foam-Tips
    Music was EDM, Drum n Bass and Trance
    _______Seal / Fit:

    Beats Tour 2.0 (2/10) - I had some issues with every tip to get a good fit, they always seemed to slowly slip out. Maybe it is due to my small ears, often got problems. But if you research for them, many other do find a fast and good seal with them, so dont trust my problems. (sidenote: didnt use the wing tips, but I dont like these gimmicks)
    V-Moda ZN (10/10) - all I wanted. With the shipped tips and also my InAirs they fit very much. In my Opinion with the InAirs the Bass kicks even harder, the BLISS tips are a bit better than the normal tips, but not a "Oh my" worth. You can easily wear them the normal "cable down" style or even "around ear", I had no issues with them both ways, even in the gym. The 3-Button connector could be a bit more down, but still with "around ear" style they arent too near the ear, but they might with the supplied ear hooks. I didnt use them, they can be worn around the ear also without them. (side note: some complain about the cable being to heavy or even the Y-Connector / 3-Button Remote, but I cant understand that critique. It is really really lightweight)
    Beats Tour 2.0 (6/10) - They improved, but its still somewhat "muddy", but not bad. It is okay, a bit too narrow, nothing you would complain about unless you compare it to the

    V-Moda ZN (10/10) - great, never heard this before, it is even an upgrade to the soundstage of my Crossfade LP2 (in my opinion). never heard a this nice soudnstage, wide, seperate, great! cant complain. I even heard some instruments better out of the whole mix than in the past. It feels great and separated, cant say this more often!

    Beats Tour 2.0 (7/10) - Clarity is not best, but definitely better than the old series. For average consumers it is great, very great. For audiophiles a small bit too muddy. The Bass is great, as always on the beats, but the Kick is not always precise, sometimes too rumbly and not "kicky". It got a good extend into the deeper bass area. But I was surprised that the Beats Tour NEVER (even with a bad seal) have any sibilance whatsoever in the highs! The mids are a small bit overcome by the bass, but thats not much.
    V-Moda ZN (10/10) - with the supplied tips I had great sound, but I switched to the InAirs and got a more beefy kick and less sibilance in the highs. But even with the supplied tips, I had near zero sibilance (so no need to fear these). Compared to my Crossfade LP, these have nearly the same strong kick (stronger than the Beats Tour 2.0, but this might be due to seal problems) and even a better clarity than the Crossfade. I would say, every audiophile will get satisfied here, and even some Bassheads will have fun with these. (@Hawaiibadboy, maybe test them out? [​IMG]hehe). But still the bass doesnt hits as hard as the Pioneer SE-CX8. If you would rate the Bass on the Pioneer SE-CX8 as a 10/10, then the ZN would be around 7/10 
    _______Value/Money :
    since you can get these via Amazon Warehouse Deals for way less than the Fullprice for nearly non downsides, I will compare this with the Amazon Warehouse Deal pricetag.
    Beats Tour 2.0 - 50€ (10/10) - In my oppinion these IEMs are worth around 60-70€, except the housing which might get you troubles with the seal/fit, you get a great sound, a stylish and sturdy IEM for having fun. This might not be great for audiophiles due to the bit muddyness. But still, big props!
    V-Moda ZN - 110€ (10/10) - V-Moda did it again, they surprised me. Bringing such a big and detailled sound with a 8mm dynamic driver is insane. I am so happy I found these. I would spend for these up to 200€ (but you shouldnt forget that I never spend more than this much, and Im a student which dont have much left for headphones). I dont know if they are as great (or better) as 300-1000€ IEMs since I never heard or owned any.
    Beats Tour 2.0 (7/10) - I like the sound, big ups for Beats getting that fixed. They also look stylish and the cable seems sturdy. Sadly the fit doesnt fit me (he..he..[​IMG]). They are still somewhat muddy and the soundstage isnt the greatest. But they are worth to mention.
    V-Moda ZN (9.9/10) - Overall im impressed. They seem to be even an upgrade to my V-Moda Crossfade LP2, which surprises me, and even fulfill my basslove. They can be worn in 2 styles (down the ear and around the ear) and they are well build and lightweight. I love that they go deep into the ear and get an easy fit. The Cable is not too thick nor too thin, but it is very sturdy. The only thing I would like to have different is the 3-Button Remote to be further down on the cable and the 3.5 connector a little bit smaller (but this is only on the 3-button ZNs). And I have to take the IEMs out with care, since the housing isnt as big (as for example the Beats Tour 2.0), I pull them out with the cable. But still, as a little topping to all, I can wear them and sleep with them without them pushing against my ear-canal hence their small housing
    Im also quite surprised that the ZN have a better bass (for me atleast).
    All these ratings and impressions are vague, since my Headphone History is just
    V-Moda Crossfade LP2,
    Sennheiser HD 25 II,
    Pioneer SE-CX 8,
    JBL Synchro Reflect I
    RHA T10i
    Beats Solo HD
    (and some not worth to be mentioned)
    _______Not tested:
    Microphonics - I always hear microphonics, but ONLY when I dont have music on. Even IF there would be microphonics with music on, I would blend them out passively. For me, it didnt bother me on either IEM, but so does it for any other IEM.
    Accessories - For me, as long as you get the Headphone itself, its great. Most of us got some other Comply or any other Tips they use. And gimmick things like the earhook or the wingtips or anything else are nice, but for me just gimmicks that you have to care for not to loose or whatever.
    Microphone - cant compare it to anything
    Sound leakage - do not have someone to tell me how bad they might leak.
    I hope this is somewhat good, BUT you shouldnt forget that I am a normal living student which loves better Headphones than the normal ones, and do not have that much experience. And sorry for my sometimes bad english hehe.
    -more on verdict
    -added bass comparison ZN vs SE-CX8
    -added Value/Money
    -added a small point for verdict - zn
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  2. p4s2p0
    The more they can clean up bass tuned headphones like beats the better but I wouldn't sacrifice bass level to do so when its what comes natural to me.
  3. newmandiver
    So after a couple weeks of use I have some input to offer on these headphones. Take into account that I am fairly new to this area and I lack the knowledge to convey my impressions in anything other that simple terms.

    I am overall impressed with these headphones. I find their sound fairly balanced without a lot of emphasis on the lows. Beats followers may find themselves disappointed. I personally love the sound. I can hear things in the music that were absent from previous headphones. I can say that I agree with the overall impression that the sound is similar to the M100.

    I personally find these to be light. I barely notice them in my ear, the remote is small and lightweight. The y-connector is a bit
    Bully but I don't find it heavy. The only time I have had an issue with it was doing bench press and the bar pressing it into my chest. Slightly uncomfortable.

    They stay in the ear well, the supplied tips are ok but I have swapped to the comply sport tips. Much more comfortable, increase in sound isolation and better sweat resistance.

    I have not experienced and of the sticking issue with the cable as of yet. The cable looks to be durable, has yet to get tangled and is a good length for me. I wear it under my shirt so that may have an effect.

    Overall, I recommend these IEMs for anyone who loves the V-Moda sound and wants something that is good for all around use.
  4. dipal
    Been a few weeks since I've been using these and I have to say, the cable rubbing noise is terrible. They don't fit me well with the ear loop so I try to minimize the rubbing noise by using the clip. 
  5. AnakChan Moderator
    Don't suppose you've tried running the cable inside your shirt?
  6. dipal
    No sir, haven't tried that. Does that make a big difference? 
  7. AnakChan Moderator
    Well to me it does but I wear a business shirt where I can tuck it in (buttoned up). It's less of a difference with the top button unbuttoned where the L/R channel cable rubs the collar independently (when turning my head). YMMV from individual to individual I guess.
  8. dipal
    Unfortunately, not possible for me as I have to get up and move from my desk very often. It is also a trouble while walking/jogging as I don't get the ear loop fit well. Love the sound of these. So unfortunate that at this price point, they couldn't get this right. 
  9. showme99
    I'm in the same boat. If I turn my head or make the slightest movement, I get that annoying cable noise. I have to crank up the volume just to drown out the cable noise. So, low-volume listening isn't really an option for me.

    I've also tried using the included sport earhooks, but they don't fit me at all. No matter what I do, they keep falling off of my ears (followed shortly by the earphones themselves falling out of my ear canals).
  10. dipal
    That's true. So that limits the use for these guys. I'm actually thinking about selling them. Anyone in Singapore interested to get these? 
  11. expontherise
    Try foam tips, most earphones I switch to foam tips, the cable noise decreases greatly. And they tend to stay in my ear much easier as well.. Only thing is, it will prop the V signature a little bit further to the warmer side.
  12. showme99
    Are there any particular brands you recommend for use with the Zn?
  13. expontherise
    Sorry I came to this thread prospecting on the pair (M-100 owner and love them!).. I have used Comply and Shure olives on different sets in the past and both are great.. They both have a bit of a different fit. I would say Comply is always a safe bet. (Complyfoam.com)
  14. dipal
    That is actually a good idea. Let me try this.
  15. Bennet P
    Has anyone compared these directly to the P1? they are priced similarly and both feature dynamic drivers, but the P1 seems to be receiving a lot more attention
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