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V-MODA Zn: Official Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, Videos, etc.

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  1. FSTOP
    I can't compare, as I never bought the ZN (was intending to, but a few things concerned me)...I have had the Pinnacle P1 for a few months now, and its currently my only IEM in use, absolutely love it. My review of the P1 is on Amazon.
    Don't get me wrong, I love vmoda's headphones (have m80,m100,xs), just wasn't convinced on the ZN. Right now, think the P1s will keep me happy for quite awhile...really hoping vmoda comes out with a wireless (BT) XS headphone model though, I'll buy it in a heartbeat! :wink:
    Hope that helps, or someone with both can compare soundwise...
  2. SPLWF
    How do these compare to Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear?  I currently own Senn In-Ear but they keep slipping out (tried all ear tips and tug outer ear techniques)  I have a pair of Vmoda Faders for blocking out noisy road work and kids, lol.  These fades seat perfect, are the ZN similar?
  3. miceblue
    Just a random testimonial here. So a few friends and I went on a vacation and my friend lost his earphones somewhere along the way. I let him use my Zns since I wasn't actively using them and he was floored by how good they sound.

    Especially for mobile listening, I really like the Zn's warm-tilted sound signature.
  4. Bentox

    The ZNs are much easier to drive, and are therefore better paired with your standard phones and music players without the need for an amp. They are also smaller, lighter, and very well built.
    The P1s are also very well built, and the combination of their earpieces ergonomic design and the excellent cable make them feel quite premium. The P1 cable also has no microphonic issues, unlike the ZN cable, and it is much more supple, while they both resist tangling.
    Sonically, they are very different. In very broad terms, the P1 is all about details and space, where the ZN is all about the warmth and bass. The P1 is more 'reference-y', and the ZN is more 'crowd-pleaser'. Not to say the P1s don't have warmth - they do, and they sound fantastic. But if you're looking for booty-shaking headphones, they aren't. Conversely, if you're looking to pick out instrument locations in 3D space when you close your eyes, and want acoustic guitars to zing like they do in real life, the ZNs aren't going to do that. I think they both sound great in their own way, but just based on sonics alone, I'd go for the P1s. Convenience alone does make me choose the ZNs frequently though.
  5. dipal

    So, having tried foam tips, I can say that there's not much difference in cable noise that it makes. Still the same 
  6. valkolton Contributor
    Dear Head-Fi forums,
    It has been nearly impossible to keep quiet on this, but it is finally official!!! V-MODA and Roland has joined forces!
    Watch the video and stay tuned for more thrilling information.
    We couldn't do it without your support, I sincerely thank every one of you.
    #808Day #VFamily
  7. dice32
    Can't wait to see what you guys are cooking up.  I couldn't love your 2 companies more.  
  8. FSTOP
    Exciting news! Like both company's products as well. Still using my Roland (Boss) BR900 in my home studio, along with my V-Moda M80, M100, and XS. Would really love a Wireless (BT) XS headphone for portable listening though! :)
    With the probable added engineering tech/financial backing for R&D, I would think V-Moda may be able to push out even more new products--looking forward to them!
  9. SpiderNhan
    Anybody notice the Forza box in the V-MODA/Roland announcement video?


    In Val's interview with Jude he talks about an upcoming 909 day. Is September 9th going to be Forza's release date?
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  10. valkolton Contributor
    Head-Fi friends, here is a special contest that will partially reveal why we partnered with Roland....  


    GUESS HERE (FB link) the # of new products Roland and its partner companies are launching (over 30!) and SHARE to Win Crossfade Wireless + 3D 14k Gold-Plated Shields ($850)!




    Comment the # of Products Unleashed and launched on our parent co. Roland #909day (September 9th). Try as many times as you like - only once per comment.


    BONUS CHANCE! Win another Crossfade Wireless + 3d 14k Gold-Plated Shields here, Sign Up here: 
    Contest ends on 9/10, 12pm PST. Winners chosen at random.
    Hint it is a lot more than 30 and there is a special partnership product with Serato DJ.... see more information here on the schedule of the 24 hour launch event!


    I've been thinking about getting the ZNs for a while now, as someone who has and really loves the M-100 but would like something more exercise-friendly and pocketable.  Is the extended trial-period still available to people on this forum?  If so, how does that work?  Also, does it work if I live in Canada and order through Amazon.ca?
  12. Riley Beale

    I believe the extended return policy is only valid if purchased directly from V-Moda.  I believe the extended return period offer is no longer offered to Head-Fiers.  It was a while ago that this offer was brought to attention.  Somebody feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.
  13. dtsdig

    Hello, I've had these for several months now and they are still a real treat to use.  I find that the bass is punchy, warm and smooth.  Kick drums do not sound distorted like they used to on my Vibe II's.  These are capable of putting out some serious bass, to the point that they'll make the insides of my ears tickle causing me to pull them momentarily to itch my ears :)   I personally wouldn't change anything about the bass production on these, and I love bass but generally listen to folky rock stuff. 
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  14. interbear
    I'm a confirmed fan of V-Moda headphones, currently have the M80 and Crossfade Wireless.

    I'm currently looking for a quality pair of wireless in ear phones for the gym and was hoping V-Moda would have something suitable. It seems not at the moment so I was wondering if Val could advise whether or not there is anything in the pipeline? For example, a wireless version of the Zn would be ideal as the sports earhooks are also my preferred fit for the gym.

    I'd rather not go to another brand as I like the V-Moda sound, hence the query.

  15. Riley Beale
    Does the ZN have cable noise and if so how bad?
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