V-MODA Zn: Official Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, Videos, etc.

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  1. newmandiver

    I have seen a few people on here experience this issue, I for one have not experienced it. I work out with these 5 days a week and wear them outside my shirt and no noise.
  2. Riley Beale

    Okay.  How is the seal , fit, isolation, and do they stay in your ears without putting them over your ears and without the ear hooks?  Does yous your mic and buttons still work?
  3. deadrat6
    Which would you recommend? The Zn or the 1More Triple Driver for EDM?
  4. Thesonofkrypton
    So I've been using ZN since they came out and never heard any other earphone that holds a candle up to it. I love it's SQ.

    Today I bought the Sony XBA-N1AP out of curiosity. And wow, they sounds really good. They really give the ZNs a run for their money. I'm A-B ing them at the moment but dare I say, I think I may have found something that I prefer over the ZN...
  5. pchandy
    I had a hard choice choosing Zn over Fender FXA-7 yet decided to go ahead and buy the Zn being intrigued by V-Moda's claim "competes with $300-$1000". The Zn does not live up to that bold statement. These are very fun sounding in ears. I have a pair of IE80s($300) and the Zn doesn't even compare. Lacks the separation and sound-stage for my taste.
    Is it worth $180? I would say yes because you get amazing design and V-moda loyalty along with fun sound signature.
    I currently own the below mentioned in-ears and ill write how Zn compares next to them. (Price in brackets are what i paid. Not current retail)
    Sony XBA-Z5($800) - The best i have ever owned and Zn sadly hold no candle. Zn lacks range,clarity,expansive sound-stage,airiness & separation.
    Sennheiser IE80($450) - Zn is not in this league when sound is compared but have superior build.
    Sony Ex750NC($100) - Zn sound similar to these yet Ex750 has a signature i prefer when coupled with Sony DAP.
    Sennheiser Momentum In Ear($125)- Zn makes mementum iem sound like trash which it really is.
    Focal Sphere In Ears($120) - Zn has preferable bass and lacks details compared to the focal. Iirc Focal is $120 which is THE bang for the buck.
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