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V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

  1. DrSheep
    Make sure you turn the V-cork 90 degrees counter-clockwise then pull it out.
  2. Newheadfiguy
    Hey I like the way you styled your vmoda plates on your profile pic.  Are those plates matte black?
  3. knowimagination
    yeah I knew that part, the problem is that the tab is at the point of the V on the vcork but when it is in the unlock position it is upside down from where it should be to come out. I could possibly force it but it doesn't seem like it would come out without breaking something. 
  4. Newheadfiguy
    Hello guys, I'm new to head-fi and am interested in purchasing over the ear headphones.  I recently stumbled across the v modas and think they are the best option for me right now.  Quick question, which do you guys think looks nicer: the matte black or the white v modas?  I think they both look nice but just want to know which one you guys prefer looks wise.
  5. Newheadfiguy
  6. knowimagination
    I have the white M-80 and I liked it at first but I kind of stopped liking it lately so when I bought my M-100 I switched to the matte black and I really like the way they look especially with a colored shield. 
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  7. Newheadfiguy
    DO you know if there's a thread showing off the different ways people have customized their m100's?
  8. knowimagination
    If you look on the right side of this thread, there is a small gallery section that says recent images. If you click view all on that you should find quite a few pictures. VMODA also has an album of Crossfade customs on their Facebook page
  9. Newheadfiguy
    So have you put new plates on your matte black pair?  
  10. money4me247 Contributor
    go to their fb page or google search it :)
  11. NiteWalker
  12. Wasatchsummits
    Got these a couple weeks back. After reading about them here, I'll agree and say the are some fun sounding phones. The fun sound and ability to mod them really is what I was after, color schemes, ear pads, different cables, ..etc. They sound pretty damned good for a fun phone... if they had a bit of extension on either end of the spectrum, sub-bass and treble, and slightly more open, that would be the icing on the cake... 
  13. Coop
    w00t! My M100s are finally coming...
  14. bigmiketn
    Hey folks I have a question that has most likely been answered but I cannot find it and I kind of need the information quickly so please dont bash me too hard I did actually search before posting. I have seen pictures of the m-100 with another pair of headphones plugged into the spare cable jack on the earcup. Can someone confirm that jacks on the earcups can do output? Thanks in advance.
  15. knowimagination
    From the M100 page at V-MODA.com

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