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V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

  1. bigmiketn
    Thanks a lot, I'm so used to coming here for real information I didn't even think to check V-Moda's website. Now I feel like a derp.
  2. MCImes
    I finally got a chance to hear the M100s with my rig and loved the sound. I only had 1 concern though. the outer most part of my ear touched the driver, which i know from experience becomes uncomfortable after not too long. I tend to wear my headphones a couple to a few hours a day. I know about the XL pads and am hoping that they put more distance between your head and the driver.
    So, do the XL pads add a little room in the ear cup? if so, could someone guess on how much? (1/8"? 1mm, 3mm? something like that?) unfortunately I wasnt able to try the XL pads (obviously). Do Brookstone or the microsoft store have them for demo with the XL pads? probably not?
    Thanks for any thoughts.
  3. dbdynsty25
    Guess you haven't read any of this thread.  Yes, the XL pads increase the width and depth of the cups.  The black ones are on 4-6 week backorder from V-MODA but the grey ones are available now.  No one has them to demo...gotta go direct through V-MODA.
  4. money4me247 Contributor
    I believe the XL pads will raise the earcup depth to 20mms. I think the original stock pads are 14-16mm. 
    Estimates because I don't have the M100 anymore. Perhaps someone with it can clarify. However, these are the depth with the earpads just sitting on a table, so when you wear em, the actual distance is less because of the clamping forcee
  5. miceblue
    Considering the user is new and this thread is 1223 pages long, I'm pretty sure the user just wants a quick and direct answer. -_-

    Yes the XL pads add a little room for the ear, but mostly in depth and not really the length and width.
  6. asdfvtn
    I wonder if there'll ever be an ear pad which is adjustable. Could have a zipper type mechanism for changing the pads and a sliding mechanism that could make it bigger and smaller. Since it would change the sound sound signature, it'd be pretty awesome imo.
  7. Nec3
    Alright, I've been browsing around the 1200+ pages of this discussion thread.

    This is what I summed up with.
    The bass is deep and punchy, if a bass tone were played at 30-40hz on foobar2000 at -5db; these cans will output some decent rumble.
    The 10khz peak is not piercing.
    A fun V shaped signature.
    As a basshead, these are worth $300.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Scrap all that, the billing of these were a total of $400 CAD!!!
    My jaw dropped.
    But it's ok.
    Because these are my LAST, headphones I'll ever buy. (I'm going to keep telling myself that)
    I dropped in that amount of money for the custom shield, sheer durability and fun factor.

    It's all you v-moda!

  8. alasam
    Hi everyone,

    So I've had my M100 for a week now and I've tried been burning them in for about 20-30 hours (I've used them for about 10 hours myself on my commutes to work). I left my headphones at home for 8 hours for burning a few days ago and forgot to out the volume down so I had pink noise blasting at about 80%. I feel that the bass has less rumble as before.

    Is this normal or did I maybe damage something?
  9. MCImes
    Perfect. Thank you very much. In that case, Im totally getting these in the near future.
  10. taito
    Whats up with these static shocks??
    I read about a few people getting these and just got one my self after less than a week owning them.
    Mine occur while listening to music from my PC with the BOOMPRO cable.
    Any explanation to these random shocks? 
    Edit: just got another one few seconds after witting it.
  11. Evshrug
    Combination of poor electrical grounding with typical computer headphone jacks, and the dry winter air that makes static electricity build up much more easily.

    I'd try plugging the m-100 into a different source (like an iPod) and touching a piece of metal to discharge yourself (I get shocks from my stairway hand-railing, so I touch that). If you keep having issues with a different source, try contacting V-MODA support... but I'm almost sure it is environmental issues, rarely would it be the headphones themselves.
  12. Solrighal
    I've just ordered a pair of these through Amazon. It's been a helluva read going through all these threads but despite some negative experiences I think these will work out for me. I already own modded Sennheiser PX100II's, Shure SRH840's & Soundmagic E30's. These are to take the place of the E30's as I just can't get on with the hassle of IEM's. The E30's sound great, especially for £40 but I always seem to spend 10mins getting them to fit right before I go out & about. The Shures are damn good but maybe a bit dull and I'm thinking these M-100's will maybe fill a gap there too. The Sennheisers are irreplaceable.

    I've read all the comments regarding the M-100's unsuitability for older music but we'll see. I'm nearly 50 so I probably won't hear how bad they are over the noise of all the cool kids laughing at the oldie. I do listen to modern stuff too though and I think they'll work pretty good with my current fave, Yann Thiersen. Has anyone tried tuning the sound with after-market cables? I haven't read anything to that effect but it might work.
  13. Coop
    Received mine today. Love them. They are quite comfy and sound great. Ok, maybe not the best sound sig for analytical listening, but I doubt anyone would buy these cans for that purpose.

    And not working well with older music? Bach sounds just fine on it :)
  14. Solrighal
    Glad you're having fun. I guess I should have said older recordings.
  15. DrSheep
    I use the NuForce Transient cable I didn't notice any change in terms of sound.  Moon Audio sells balanced M-100 but the cable has to be hard wired.
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