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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    I will report here when I've received it and have done some testing. I also wonder what the power consumption of the Ztella is compared to the DC01.
  2. superuser1
    Any of you guys use the DC01 with a Mac.. the volume for me is relatively low with very little headroom using JRMC @Paul - iBasso
  3. digititus
    Listening to the BGVP T01 with UAPP on Android and Strawberry on the laptop. Very competent sounding DAC. Clean and detailed. Looks well built too with nice set of USB adapters. Recommended.
  4. staticV3
    My Power Consumption measurements so far:

    -295mW while playing Spotify or UAPP.
    -12mW in standby.

    9038S G1/G2 (Performance Mode):
    -689mW while playing Spotify.
    -453-553mW while playing UAPP.
    -no standby (plug it out when not in use!).

    Hidizs Sonata HD DAC Cable II:
    -218mW while playing UAPP.
    -201mW while playing Spotify.
    -54mW in standby.
  5. alex5908
    Sorry for the partial flooding. The question is for native English speakers. What would you say in case you have to compare two IEMs. You connect IEMs to a DAC, then remove them and connect another IEMS. Then you are able to say which one is better. At least subjectively. How would you call it? Word per word translation in Russian is "forehead- to- forehead" comparison. I guess in English it is "back- to- back" comparison. Will a technical term for this be "head-on" comparison? Or what would you say?
    I need this phrase quite often to compare a lot of stuff, like DACs, DAPs, earphones, etc.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
  6. staticV3
    Back to back
    Side by side
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  7. Sebastiaan156
    Hi, after reading to much pages in this thread im still lost.

    I own a one plus 7 pro which has no 3.5 out, use a fiio M5 via BT to drive headphones and iem's. But via USB c to USB c the fiio sounds a little Better (cleaner/sharper/more detailed)

    The problem of the usb c cable is it is way to stiff and is irritating me. So i want to go usbc dac.

    Do i take a dc02 and be done (can keep using my cabels)

    Or do i buy a dc01 and get a 2pin balanced cable? I use 0.78 2 pin iem's the most (is it possible to Just get a balanced cable for those iem's?)

    Or should i get somthing different?
  8. staticV3
    My recommendation is if you want something that just works, sounds amazing, and doesn't get in your way, get the Meizu Dac for $25.
    If you really want that totl sound quality and don't mind putting up with some quirks for that, get the 9038 for $80/100.
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  9. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    I went the DC01 plus balanced cable route with my OP7TPro and it sounds really good (better than the DC02 from what I read here). Bonus is that it supports up to 384Khz/32-bit and DSD 256. Haven't had any problems with it apart from the iBasso UAC app apparently not working on Android 10. I just use USB Audio Player Pro anyway, so that is not really a problem.
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  10. LordZero
    Anyone having problems connecting the dc01/2 to Windows 10? I have one computer that i just plug in and it works. Other 2 don't work at all, no sound, changed the output device and nothing. Maybe driver problem?
  11. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    No problems on my work laptop or home desktop machine, both Windows 10, no drivers should be needed. I did update the firmware of my DC01 though.
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  12. Sebastiaan156
    So after some advise i went for Both the Meizu Dac and the dc01 with some balanced cabels.
    Meizu for the narural sound and the dc01 as at seems a bit more bass heavy and frankly i want to try balanced

    Now the China waiting game again :wink:
  13. CiroConsentino
    I bought the "Meizu DAC Pro" at AliExpress website, package will arrive in 45 days (or more)... I'm in Brazil. :triportsad:
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  14. Sebastiaan156
    Im in Holland mostely takes 15 tot 20 days here with the free shopping.
  15. staticV3
    in Germany I wait for between 8 and 16 days.
    Make sure to choose AliExpress Standard shipping at checkout.
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