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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. BeatMy808s

    Orla Feeney & Kristina Sky - Audacious (Original Mix)
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  2. wink
    Uplifting Trance..........?    [​IMG]
    That's either a mutually exclusive title or a blatant non sequitur   [​IMG]
  3. Libertad
    Vibrosphere- Autumn lights (this was real proper progressive uplifting psytrance man i wish they'd get back together now)

    Gai barone's remix of Art of Trance Ultra Fox (this one is just so damn deep and groovy that is just makes me wanna move and dance great track [​IMG])

  4. ClintonL
    Looking for really well produced trance which can show off my new headphones well. Alot of trance i find the recordings aren't that good/full and don't really show off good gear as well as other genres. Can anyone list some suggestions (doesn't need to be uplifting).
  5. Mr Makarov
    Some tracks I use to show off (and test) headphones, perhaps you will find some of those useful:


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  6. Libertad
    Alright folks i flexed my uplifting wings for you and found (at least to me) some of the best uplifting tracks that i know of. I'm talking mood lifting goodness. Dust off them wings and grab your goggles cuz were about to fly on some seriously powerful feel good vibes.[​IMG]
    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything that will happen from you being Happy/nostalgic or any super positive awesome thing that results from you being happier as a result from listening to these tracks. [​IMG]

    Simon Templar-Meltwater Piii. Very deep hitting uplifting trance just close your eyes and get lost in it.

    Ferry Corsten-Beautiful.  They don't make'em like they used to applies here seriously uplifting old-school trance here lots of good memories 

    Holymen-Looking for something spirit.    Many may not know this one but it backs some serious energy

    Delerium feat Sarah Mclachlan-Silence  This track needs no explanation it truly resides to me and in many fans hearts as a legend and it never fail to bring back those memories of happiness

    Max graham-Air Tight. This track basically got me started into taking a serious look at trance and its got such a good feel to it.

    Cosmic Gate-Exploration of space. Lots of you trance lovers will recognize this instantly its a classic for sure.

    DJ KayCee-Escape. Old-school party track that never failed to make people go nuts amazing track.

    Simon Templar remix of Roykesopp I had this thing. Simon Templar has been on fire lately and made a incredibly powerful remix of roykesopps hit and its magical.

    Aquagen feat Rozalla-Everybody's Free(To Feel Good). This track came to me while watching venturebros of all things but the uplifting punch it packs is undeniable. 
    edit: had to add Aquagen track 
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  7. dropbassnotbomb

  8. DJScope

    Love the old school stuff!
  9. Libertad
    Time to bring back this thread from the dead :p
    found a track while chilling on youtube

    ART Of TRANCE - CHUNG KUO (Orkidea v R.T.R. Uplift Remix)

    It has a very old school vibe to it which i like enjoy
  10. Stranger Than Fiction
    Are there any fans of John 00 Fleming in here? Though not strictly uplifting trance there is no other thread that seems to accommodate us haha.

    Fans of uplifting trance will find a lot to love here:

    One select track from Airwave:

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  11. waynes world
    When I first got into trance, I discovered Fleming and downloaded all of his global trance grove sets and they were my "go to's". I then did the same with Darin Epsilon's sets.

    I then subscribed to Frisky Radio, and I love that site for finding new trance.

    One of my favorites are the "Deepsense - Vogager" sets - great stuff:

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  12. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ Awesome! Thanks Waynes World. :)

    There is always room in my life for more deep trance. Frankly some of J00F’s turbo mix stuff gets a little tiresome. And it’s always great to hear other artists’ take on the trance sound too.
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  13. Libertad
    BRUH!!! Global trance gooves is my anthem! :p Huge fan of John!
  14. Stranger Than Fiction
    Thanks to www.themixingbowl.org I now have every episode of GTG since the program first aired in 2003.

    Oh and it doesn’t get much more uplifting than this!

    What rig is everyone reaching for the lasers with in here? Me? The Noble Kaiser K10U and my trusty iPhone 7 Plus, although soon I’m hoping to have an AK120 mk II as my source.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
  15. SilverEars
    This is what you call up-lifting

    ATB would be uplifting or has that euphoric mixture

    Although this is not technically trance, but probably the pioneers of trance(Vince Clarke is one of the pioneers of electronica). This sounds close to uplifting trance

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