Unique Melody ME.1 Planar IEM

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  1. kubig123
    The Me.1 like the isine with the regular cable require some EQ adjustment, in the previous pages of this thread you'll find an EQ graph that you can use it as starting point.
    Remember that the cipher cable has built in an EQ curve that increase dramatically the sound quality.
  2. Fred-svv
    Someone tried the Me.1 balanced? Any improvement?
  3. CFGamescape
    I have some balanced cables being made to use with the FiiO Q1 Mark ii. Will report back when I get a chance to listen for a bit. It’ll be a while until I get them in, though.
  4. cocolinho
    It depends on the source i guess.
    I am using balanced output from my Sony wm1a and I feel the synergy is VERY good with ME-1
  5. jbr1971
    Are you finding any better imaging, separation, or detail retrieval? Or better bass impact/sound?
  6. cocolinho
    I would say yes. balanced output of the wm1a is better, not night & day difference but better. I suppose it has to do with the output power much higher with balanced port
  7. CFGamescape
    I don't know if anyone has tried the Dekoni Bulletz, but I just got a set of the 4.9mm Mercury and they fit the nozzle perfectly and conform to my ear canals better than the stock foams, and as a result, isolate better. Because they're memory foam, you can squish them and they'll expand over time inside your ear. I tried this with the stock foams and they don't quite cooperate for me. Size wise, they're comparable to the stock foam tips, so a Dekoni medium will be the same as a UM medium.

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M0SGE1S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (even though the picture shows 3mm Gemini, these are the 4.9mm Mercury).
  8. McCol
    Which comply tips do I need to order, I need medium, either the same as come shipped or another comply that fit. Also needs to be available in the UK
  9. Ricky64
    Anyone have a chance to compare to the Xelento?
  10. CFGamescape
    I think you would want the Isolation 400, 500 or 600. The inner diameter of the tip should be ~5mm. The ME.1's nozzle diameter is 6mm.

    Also check out the Dekoni Bulletz 4.9mm, as I noted in my post above. I like them over the supplied Comply tips.
  11. McCol
    Will try the 500 or 600, has some 400’s lying around but they lacked any real depth or body to the music when I used them.

    Got some Symbio W and Final E tips on on order.
  12. cocolinho
    I own ME-1 and I very briefly heard the Xelento in a meeting. Briefly because really not my style, too bassy, too distracting for my taste so I could not appreciate the rest of the spectrum . You better like bass to go that path
  13. CFGamescape
    I just got in the Symbio W ear tips and they don't fit me at all. Tried the smallest and they're too big (I'm normally a medium on most tips) and not very malleable. If anyone wants to buy these from me, let me know.
  14. McCol
    Symbio W tips and Final Audio E tips arrived today.

    Not tried the Symbio tips yet but the E tips fit well and so far quite happy with the sound from them.
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  15. kubig123
    Where did you getter Final Audio tips?
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