Unique Melody ME 1 impressions thread

  1. FastAndClean
    post your impression of the new Unique Melody ME1 planar magnetic in ear headphones here

    first look at the Unique Melody ME1 Planar magnetic earphones

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. deafdoorknob
  3. Ultrainferno
    Thanks for posting the video. I promise they'll get better over time :blush:
  4. FastAndClean
  5. Arysyn
    This looks like an amazing iem to me, though there is a difference in the frequency response graphs FastAndClean posted here, and the one Brooko posted in his review, here :

    I'm going to post both graphs side by side, in order to better address my concerns in figuring out whether I'd like this iem or not. So far, it looks very promising and quite close to my ideal sound signature, but there are a few possible differences that may just slightly break this from my selection. Not that I'm in any hurry to get an iem at this point, seeing as I have the Massdrop HiFiMan RE-00 that is extremely closely matched with my preferences. I also have a Flare Audio R2A I'm going to try out in the next few days or so.

    Anyways, here are the two frequency response graphs for the UM ME1 :


    I'll edit this post soon with some commentary regarding sound signature comparisons, etc. Thank you to both Brooko and FastAndClean for posting these graphs. Brooko's comparison between the UM ME1 and the HFM RE800 is particularly helpful as well, considering my experience with the RE800.

    Alright, edit time. Now I'm not judging the validity nor the accuracy of either graph. There are plenty of variables in this, and I have no doubt in the credibility of either graph. I'm only going to comment, and judge based on how these graphs represent how the sound signature shown in each, represent in terms of closeness to my preferences, and if I'd like the sound signature being shown in these graphs. I also have some questions also, but again not in terms of production of these graphs, just the various audio examples I've mentioned here so far.

    No offense, FastAndClean, but the sound signature shown in your graph concerns me against getting the ME1. There is a mild V-Shape going on here, but a V-Shape nonetheless. I'm curious though, are the vocals recessed at all as a result of this mid dip? The other concerns are of the bass being above neutral and a spike in the upper treble.

    Granted, its not an extended hump in the upper treble region, but its a concern somewhat. Still, its not as sharp in appearance as the treble spike in the RE800, which despite others hearing and complaining about, I didn't hear it. I am more concerned with extended humps though, as featured in the metallic upper treble of the FlaresPro. There is an extended bass in your graph, which at above neutral, is an issue for me.

    Brooko's graph is the opposite in appearance to me, making me very much want this iem. Its got a reduced sub bass, neutral bass and mids that begin to go upwards in the lower treble, with a balanced treble throughout the remainder of the treble range. Plus, absolutely no vocal recess and no V-Shape! It looks like an iem that would get very close to my ideal sound signature.

    Anyways, this has me very intrigued, and I'd really like to know more about the UM ME1 iem.
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  6. Brooko Contributor
    Just so you can see that my graph is indeed pretty accurate - here is the comparison of my measurements of my pair with UM's measurements of my pair.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ME.1 freq and channel matchingUM's ME.1 graph

    As you can see they are very well matched. UM is generously allowing me to hand onto my pair for as long as I want - so I'm all set to answer any questions.
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  7. Arysyn
    That is very helpful to know, Brooko. I edited my previous post with more detail, and I added that I definitely don't want to judge on accuracy of graphs, etc. My main interest is the sound signature and I just have to hope whatever people post of graphs are accurate, so that I can get a good idea about the sound. Granted, graphs are not the only tool helpful in figuring out a sound signature, but it is a great part of it.

    As both you and FastAndClean had graphs showing a somewhat different signature than the other, instead of judging accuracy, I decided simply to comment on the merits of how each relate to my personal preferences. Your graph, Brooko, definitely was closer to mine, and seeing the official graph you posted here makes me feel a bit better about the product.
  8. Slim1970
    Have you compared these to any other earphones? Like the Shure SE846's or Sennheiser IE800's?
  9. Brooko Contributor
  10. Ultrainferno
  11. cocolinho
    Got a pair of ME1, was too curious about planar IEMs .
    I owned Isine10 in the past, I very much liked the sound but with cipher cable only. With regular cable the experience was clearly not the same so since I'm not an Apple user I decided to sell them
    I much prefer ME1 than iSine on many points : construction, look & feel, comfort but from my memory Isine10+Cipher were more fun sounding, more vivid & clearer
    To compare them side by side I decided to buy another pair of isine10, will see :)
  12. howdy
    Has there been any comparisons to the isine20 and this? I absolutely love my 20s and the planar magnetic sound after owning a pair of Oppo PM3s. I considering these to add to my collection.

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