Unique Melody ME.1 Planar IEM

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  1. Ricky64
    Just learned of this. Can we start getting some chatter? Is it an Audeze challenger?
  2. deafdoorknob
    IMG_4164.JPG i vastly preferred it over to the entire audeze iem line during an audition yesterday. i have a feeling that it is something special ...


    planar iem done right! open like a cleaner, less dark LCD 2.2, afaik, no weirdness. they are big but uncomfortably so. One thing it got very right is its sense of scale, it really sounds "big"* if it slams harder with moar subbass, i'd consider it a spiritual descendant of the sony ex800st. really like it.

    would get it in a heartbeat if i want an open iem. under 700$ usd, comes with a seriously well built 8 braid cable. what's not to like. Not usually a fan of chi-fi i am impressed by the tuning skillz of unique melody, looking forward to trying more of their line up.

    (ymmv, and fwiw, i'm a former LCD-X owner)
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  3. Ritvik
    Did UM at any stage say there will be a custom version of the ME.1? I think I vaguely remember them mentioning there would be one. Held off buying the iSine 20 for this, lets hope its here soon!
  4. Ahmad313
    It's looks so cool, am really like the open back iems ,
    can you please share some more technical information of these or post a link where i can get more informations , thanks .
  5. deafdoorknob

    i was so impressed by what i heard, esp for the price (or regardless of price) that i await other impressions to prove me wrong because they really sounded special.
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  6. Overkill Red
    Heard this at Canjam NYC, and have been waiting excitedly for its release. Really trying to get one of these!
  7. kubig123
    I had the chance to listen to them at the Canjam NYC, are they available for sale?

    if I remember right the price is going to be quite interesting.
  8. deafdoorknob
    they are available in china and hk for now, they are indeed keenly priced.
  9. Ahmad313
    Can somebody share his thoughts about the sound signature of these as he listen/experience in the exhibition .. ..
  10. kubig123
    yes, I contact the customer service, I might place an order for one set.

    These are the prices and colors:
    The universal price is USD799
    The customs IEM price is USD1099
    We can make it for four color black, blue,red,purple.
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  11. Ricky64
    This is cross posted from Nic's shootout thread...hopefully this was not a good seal?
  12. kubig123
    At the CanJam NYC they had 2 versions with different signatures, the one I listened for few minutes (I had to go and I could not spend too much time) didn't really convinced me, but as far as I know they made several improvements in the last few months.
    At that time the Audeze isine20 was way better.
  13. audionewbi
    I've got my unit few days ago and marked me as impressed.
    First impression builtwise it feels more premium than the the Audeze planar IEM line. Honestly when I look at this they remind me more of the Audeze planar headphone than when I look at Audeze IEM.

    Now in terms of fit I find them less comfortable than the Audeze. However long term I found the Audeze over the ear hooks painful.

    Now in terms of sound for me (without using DSP and bare in mind this is just based on an hour A/B testing in a store) it best the iSine 20/10 however the iSine cost less than the ME.1. In terms of transparency and speed the LCDi4 best the ME.1

    Now in terms of isolation ME.1 best the three Audeze IEM.

    Now what makes things even more exciting ME.1 comes in custom form, now for home usage I am more than happy to live just with ME.1 and HUGO if they were my only two product I get to keep. Now I am tempted to get the custom form however I do want to review the universal as I know more people will be interested in the universal form.

    More to come later.
  14. Ahmad313
    Congratulations to have such a nice stuff ,
    Please share some impressions of sound signature of these babies ( bass,mids,treble,soundstage).
    If it is possible please also post some pics , thanks .
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  15. audionewbi
    Just a small update: at higher volumes I hear the treble little too energetic and it appears to be source dependent.

    I think maybe while you don't need an amp to get an idea how the ME.1 sound however they ME.1 require steady source of current to remain stable.
    Maybe sensitive to sources with poor IMD measurements, more to come.
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