Unique Melody ME.1 Planar IEM

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  1. jbr1971
    If they are the ones I was looking at, they are the Symbio W (made by Mandarin). I have read a lot of good things about them.
  2. chowmanfu
    Yeah! That's the company. Sorry, I couldn't remember. And if you really want serious sound, you gotta amp. I think an amped ME.1 can hang with $2000+ iem's. Planar is amazing.
  3. Ultrainferno
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  4. Fred-svv
    I tried to liar the images, but when the post is on, it does not appear. I'm a little noob, maybe...hahaha

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  5. CFGamescape
    I’ve been out of the game for a while, but saw the iSine20 on sale for 399, then saw the ME.1 on sale for 599. Based on everyone’s raving reviews, I couldn’t resist. I’ll probably end up looking at amps now lol. It has begun 2.0.
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  6. kubig123
    $599 for the me.1 is a amazing deal.

    Enjoy your new purchase!
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  7. CFGamescape
    Alright, got the ME.1s in (super fast shipping via Music Teck, btw). So far, really like the sound just with the DragonFly Red + PC.

    I want to try these balanced. Any recommendations on what cable / cable maker to go with? I like the stock cable a lot, but need to try these balanced (need to get a balanced amp, too). LOL.
  8. chowmanfu

    Whatever brand you go with, get an eight-core cable, at least. I'm using a twelve-core. It ROCKS!

    I'm using a balanced amp and it makes a big difference.

    I just got a Curious USB cable and it's amazing! DOUBLES the sound stage!!!
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  9. kubig123
    Which cable do you have?
  10. chowmanfu
    I'm using Whiplash Twau. They're crazy expensive. I'm only using them because I already had them for my desktop setup. I never would have bought them just for IEM's. Whiplash has a Twag v4, for a good price. If you want to stay with copper, the Twcu is a really good price.
  11. m8o
    Hi, I searched this thread for the term 'leak', but got no hits.

    I listen to music pretty loud; a lot louder than I should and I imagine louder than most people. If I'm cranking this, is it safe to say people around me at a pretty wide radius will hear what I'm listening to?

  12. kubig123
    I have the twag for the Audeze lcdi4, 8 wire, I’ll try it with the me.1
  13. chowmanfu
    Awesome! Craig reterminates for a good price. He made my old cable modular so I could use it between my desktop and portable rigs. The Twag should sound wicked!
  14. Cotnijoe
    The ME.1 isolates more than other open in-ear designs, and it's generally not a big issue at normal listening volumes - even in very quiet spaces like a library.

    However, if you tend to listen louder, that could become an issue if you plan on listening in very quiet environments.
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  15. cocolinho
    Got a pair of ME1, was too curious about planar IEMs .
    I owned Isine10 in the past, I very much liked the sound but with cipher cable only. With regular cable the experience was clearly not the same so since I'm not an Apple user I decided to sell them
    I much prefer ME1 than iSine on many points : construction, look & feel, comfort but from my memory Isine10+Cipher were more fun sounding, more vivid & clearer
    To compare them side by side I decided to buy another pair of isine10, will see

    Note to a moderator : can't we merge this topic with this one?
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