UK Meet (UPDATED!) - Saturday November 7th 2009
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Speakers > headphones tbh.
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I was putting my stuff together just now and found my Orthodome has suffered a dead driver. Putting together a new one now, but it won't be quite as good as I don't have time for uber tweeking.
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Originally Posted by Duggeh /img/forum/go_quote.gif
MarkyMark, if it saves you a little train transport woe, I can bring a Pioneer DV-575A for you to use as that transport + Hi-Rez.

Hi Duggeh,

Many thanks for the kind offer but I'll bring the Panny along as I know it does up to 24/192 from the digital out (providing there's no copy protection on the disc). I have a few 24/192 discs like these from Classic Records.

Some machines can output to 24/96 (maybe including your machine??) but a surprisingy large number just downsample everything to 16/48 regardless of the copy protection setting.

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You only get 16/44 from the digital out when using DVD-A or SACD with mine. Sorry.

I'll bring it anyway I guess, in case someone wants to play a CD on my rig.
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Hi guys, unfortunately I wont be bringing my b22 amp as I blew a mosfet on it and need to replace a few bits (totally gutted about this, been working on this amp over a year!).
But I will be bringing a Solo SRGII Beta version for you all to try. Graham Slee sent it over today, man does it sound nice! Can't wait to hear it with some HD800's. :0)
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Still super busy these days but intending to turn up with my Macbook, HD600 and Dacmagic. If anyone wants to test the DM out balanced or standard RCA, you will need to supply the amp :)

Does anyone want me to bother with the portables in my sig or should I leave them at home?

Start time? As I am 15min from town, thanks
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I'll be arriving at 9 if the train is feeling friendly, drop stuff in my room and head to the pub so should have a pint by 9:30 if I all goes well

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