UK Meet (UPDATED!) - Saturday November 7th 2009
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Originally Posted by johnwmclean /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Good luck guys, totally jealous. Can’t wait for an impressions thread!

Cheers, you bet
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So much for a pint by 9:30 - couldn't follow the simple directions to the hotel so not risking going any further! Off to the hotel bar now

See you at 8ish Mark - I'm not committed enough to skip breakfast
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sorry for spoiling the mood, but I'm afraid I cant go tomorrow, I will look forward to the impression thread instead
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Sorry to spoil peoples day but I WILL be there tomorrow!

I worked a 23 hour stint on Thursday and am just finishing Fridays work now.

If I appear a little tired it's probably because I am.

Just starting to pack now. See you at around 10:30.

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Originally Posted by mofonyx /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm jealous of your audio set up.

What you talkin’ about Willis,
You got kick ass NaamanF built 4 channel balanced β22?

Have you heard the HD800’s balanced through your β22, if you haven’t make bee line for the nearest head-fier who has pair. I’d like some impressions please
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Sad to report, but after fighting all week, I've now succumed to some dreadful virus; been on the phone to the swine flu folk (we've had 7 students in our dept. go down with it already) and they inform me I don't have SF, but I'm a sick boy.
I'm going back to bed with my laptop - no cans as I've got a ringing earache.
Have a great day everyone!
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Happy meeting everyone!

The list of attending members and gear is plenty long, so no doubt this will be a really nice one...

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