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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. Holowlegs
    Hello there
    Would just like too thanks Andy so very much for putting this together and what a great job he done.[​IMG] Also am so pleased it went so well for him.
    Also would like to thanks Andy family, who made us all so welcome, and it was very nice to meet them. Mum made me a very nice cup of coffee as well.
    Met some great people and had some great chats, and learned so much in such a short space off time. Also thanks for letting me use you equipment.
    Thanks too everyone who donated a prize, and so happy with what I won.
    Have just taken the Virtus- 01 headphone amp out of the box, for a start its heavy, but also it looks so well made. During the meet I did listen to it a few times and really enjoyed what I heard. Can't wait to get it set up and have another listen. I will post my views, but as a complete newbie to value amps I made need some help.
    Thank you all again.
    Cheers Frank
  2. ShyBear
    Oh crikey, I sound like the kid who didn't win at "pass the parcel", and we have to keep playing until he does win !
    I realise now that you are Frank from Toxic Cables - was looking for you yesterday to sing the praises of the HE-500 recable I bought from you a little while ago, but the guys told me you had family committments - I'm sure our paths will cross at some point.
    Thank you very much for your kind offer - PM sent  [​IMG]
  3. alvin sawdust
    A big thankyou to Andy and family for such a great meet. Fabulous array of gear to drool over, who would have thought, TWO yes TWO BHSE amps!
    Thought Mr.Q had brought a cocktail cabinet with him till i realised it was a vintage marantz amp.
    Had a good listen to Justin's (Just audio) new offerings and they sounded fantastic. First rate workmanship shoehorned into such small enclosures.
    Many thanks to Frank (Toxic cables) for sending a box of cables to try.
    More impressions to come as i get my thoughts together. Great to see some of the fellow meet veterans and many new faces too.
    It must be my turn to win a raffle prize at the next meet [​IMG]
  4. Swimsonny
    Here is a message I received from Chris who was at the meet as you probably know. I don't wanna get in trouble for posting this but I just think it should be posted here as involves forgotten equipment.

    This is an email I received:

  5. Swimsonny
    Me loving Zenpunks Senn HD700!
    Chris also took some pictures and i will upload them for him! Very nice pictures and i am sure most of you will feature in one or two!
  6. alvin sawdust
    Hey Frank
    Congratulations on winning that amp, now you can throw that Kenwood in the bin [​IMG]
  7. JoetheArachnid
    Memo to self: never, ever decide to give someone a lift to a train station in an unknown city in the dark with no kind of streetmap. We were lost in Cambridge for a bloody long time because of you. [​IMG] (Also only got home about the same time you did.)
    Many thanks to Andy for organising everything and all those who came to the after-meet dinner (with obvious exceptions [​IMG]), it was a great meet with a great atmosphere. I can't wait to try out the Matrix Rip DAC I won through one of the forum competitions and my friend seems very happy with the Mad Dogs that he won in the raffle.
    EDIT: One of the 1/4" adapters might be mine if it's silver and cheap-looking. I literally brought it to the meet to be used as a spare in case someone needed one and don't need it back.
  8. hubsand
    Great to put faces to names, and thanks again Andy for putting it together!
    As I said, we might be able to offer a central venue (between Birmingham and Manchester, just off the M6) next year if it's useful or popular.
    Unpacking today, we seem to have acquired a white unbranded USB stick and a 20cm TRS > 3.5mm downsize adaptor lead . . . anyone like to claim them?
  9. Holowlegs

    Or I could use it as a foot stool while playing with my new toy.
    Have got the Virtus- 01 set up now, and having a play.  WOW very nice.[​IMG]
    PC>Lindemann USB-DAC 24/192 > Virtus- 01 > Sennheiser RS180
    Apart from some cables, the Sennys are the weak link here, and am going to replace them. Tried quite a few Headphones at the meat, which gave me some idea of the headphone that I like.
    Will start a new post on the Virtus and give you all my thoughts on it soon.
  10. Painterspal
    Thanks Andy for organising such a great event. It was great to be able to see, and more importantly hear, gear that usually I only get to read about, and meet some really nice people too.
    Oh, and the raffle prizes, wow just fantastic. Says so much about the generosity of this community. I wasn't even sure what I'd won until I got it home and fired it up - turned out to be an Audio-gd NFB15.1 and is a great sounding amp/dac - I just can't believe I won it!
    Thanks again to all!!!!!
  11. Acapella11
    Thanks for organizing that meet Andy and everyone contributing. I had nice chats and a great time listening to excellent gear!
  12. jr41
    It truly was a great day. My thanks also to Andy and his family - a job very well done. The venue was great, the amount of gear was amazing (and set new pinnacles in my listening experiences), an impressive array of vendors and dealers were present (including the presidents/CEOs of Arcam and Lake people (Violectric)!), the raffle was off the hook and it was great to catch up with familiar faces and meet some new ones - attendance was impressively strong. I really enjoyed the evening do too; good food and company. I have a ton of photos to upload, which I'll add to the impressions thread (I trust there already is one!) along with my meager thoughts on the stars of the show.
  13. Progenitor
    I have an excellent time yesterday! It was great chatting to many of you. Highlight for me was listening to the various excellent Stax 007 setups! They were all absolutely amazing and leaves nothing to be desired.
    Fried Reim of Violectric is excellent, and I was blown away by his V181 and V800 setup. So blown away that I have bought the V181 on the spot! It's now serving very well as my amp for the HD650 and K1000. Hopefully by this time next year I will have a set-up to demo which I am satisfied by!
    The portable amp and Dac from Just Audio were very impressive! Such an excellent Dac/Amp in such a small package. I was a bit annoyed that I didn't spot it in the raffle prices when it came to my turn to pick. Maybe next time!
    It was excellent listening to the HiFi-man, and the LCDs. I am very impressed by the amount of impact those setup delievers! They are a bit heavy for my liking, but definitely colour me impressed.
    I faintly noticed someone was hoping to sell a Little Dot MK IV, was it sold in the end?
    Thank you to Andy for such an excellent meetup!
  14. ShyBear
    That was me - George, black Quiksilver vest and shorts - no, really, it was a hot day [​IMG]
    Amp didn't go in the end, even at the scandalously low price - according to Zenpunk - that I was asking !
    Don't want to take this thread off track, so PM me if interested, but note the amp is balanced only, no RCAs
  15. ShyBear
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