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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. Somnambulist
    Blah. Got to bow out. Really wanted to come as well, not very happy at all. I'm sure it'll be an epic day - last years was and this one looks as if it's going to be twice as big. Enjoy yourselves.
    Sorry if anyone wanted to try my M51, maybe next year. Sorry about requesting a t-shirt too, can always pay and post it to me I guess lol.
  2. Duncan Moderator
    No impressions [thread] yet?
    ...Looking forward to seeing what I missed out on today :)
  3. Swimsonny
    You missed out on something very awesome!
    The headphones and rigs on display were amazing and so was the atmosphere and the people there. Some of what i heard i could only ever dream of and i have come home with a huge grin on my face!
  4. Swimsonny
    My Dad who did not really know much of what was going and was just there for the ride with me featuring in these pictures first listening to a Stax and then loving Zenpunks Victor HP-DX1000!
  5. Mattyhew
    In typical style i managed to leave something behind -.-.
    Anybody pick up a Headamp Gilmore Lite amp? 
    Would be much appreciated if someone could ship it to me.
    Sorry to be a pain 
  6. julianbell92
    I think Andy's got this to post home to its rightful owner [​IMG]
  7. Mattyhew
    Haha Well id already put it into bubblewrap :D, the pressures of public transport made me crumble.
    Many thanks :D
    The worlds most incompitant human being :p
  8. zenpunk
    Fantastic meet. [​IMG]. Spent more time meeting and chatting to a great bunch of people than listening to gears. Special thanks to Sonny and his dad, who spent more than 10mn trying to extract an eartip stucked into my ear after being a bit too eager to try Sonny's Heir 4Ai [​IMG]
  9. Mattyhew
    I now officially dub this 'Tipgate'
  10. Nuwidol
    Great meet today. Really enjoyed it. Obviously winning 2 raffle prizes helped a lot :p
    As always it was lovely to see some familiar faces & some new ones too. Looking forward to next years already. Who's stepping up for it huh?
    Someone must have some more pics to upload! cough*jr41*cough [​IMG]
  11. Toxic Cables
    With the amount of raffle prizes, i would not be surprised if everyone, won something.
  12. frankshank
    I really enjoyed myself. Lots of friendly and helpful people, and no hard selling. Just a room full of enthusiasts enjoying the day. What more can one ask for. Great kit too!
  13. ShyBear
    Big thanks to Andy for making this happen, my first meet, but not my last - great to "geek" out for just a little while with like-minded and knowledgeable people and hear some very special gear.

    But no, kabelmeister, not everyone won something in the raffle ... Maybe next year :)

  14. Toxic Cables
    That's a shame, seems i forgot to ship the Mini to Mini and LOD with the other raffle prizes, if you would like one, PM me your details.
  15. Ra97oR
    Oh god, finally managed to got back home just now. Ouchy.
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