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  1. AverageDude
    I'd suggest you to have a look at Venture Electronic's website, possibly even get in touch with Lee (engineer and managing director for the company): https://www.veclan.com/engappliance_sel_one?eng_ApplianceVo.eac_id=8
  2. satansmutt
    I did look on Lee's site but couldn't find anything that did the job, might be worth sending them an email see if they can help out
    By the way has anyone tried out the new filters yet I'm using the green ones I quite like them
    AverageDude likes this.
  3. Guibulle
    Hi, you must have to listen Master too ^^ very interessting thank you for that .
    Can you talk a bit of your feeling on quality, building etc ?
  4. deaftoitall

    Really? what was wrong with yours and my posts?

    I didn't realise I said anything out of turn? Can the mod advise me what was wrong please
  5. IamMe90
    Generally, the best way to inquire about moderating decisions is to PM the moderator directly. If you just wanna be publicly glib, though, you'll probably get modded again. 
  6. sup27606

    Thanks Guibulle. The build quality felt solid and the earpieces were quite light, with a matte finish. One thing, the earpieces did not sit snugly on my ears and were slightly sticking out. However I am sure that is due to the lack of proper fit, since I was using brand new eartips that were not broken in, etc.
  7. Karendar

    I got a PM, I'll explain in PM later when I have a chance :)
  8. Guibulle
    what about the cable/wire (i don't know how to call it proprely), good size and lenght ? quality of the sheath seams good for you ?
    Thank you for your answer :wink:
  9. FamousAl
    sup27606how heavy is the y split? Personally, I'm not really a fan of these y-splits as they tend to be quite heavy and running with these cables is really annoying
  10. cript2nyt
    Does the phantom master 6 already been shipped?
  11. sup27606

    The cable is of good quality, not smooth but textured if I remember correctly. It's not soft and fragile, but also not too stiff.
  12. nekromantik
    Last thing Bob said was they got 290 orders left to get through which means there must be some out there OR they got 290 to make before they start shipping them.
  13. sup27606

    It did not look or feel too intrusive to me. The length of the screw in piece is not too big and light too. I was sitting, so can't tell how it will behave while walking or running, although given the light weight, don't think it's much of an issue.
  14. Mustang80

    I'd recommend using a clip to give them some slack at the top end. I wore my Vyrus 2's at the Gym today and they did keep pulling out of my ears. It's a small trade off for having high quality cables.
  15. Shawn71
    And these modular cable design have cinch, correct?......
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