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  1. Monsoon
    Still no movement my tracking number from December 22 for the PM6, either it's a fake tracking number or just hasn't left yet.
  2. rhermi
    I had this with a tracking number from Dec. 22 too. A couple of emails to Kieran and it was sorted. No idea whether it was delayed or not posted but after his intervention the tracking site stated posted on the 9th Jan when he went to the post office apparently. Goods (Hunter) arrived on the 10th. Incidentally my PM6 arrived pre Xmas having been posted around the 22nd. That tracking number worked fine from the initial email so I think your parcel needs sorting by Kieran.
  3. Monsoon
    Thanks, I'll send him an email soon and see what he can do I don't understand how they can screw up shipping when so few units are going out at a time, but go figure I guess.

    I noticed their website has been offline for 24 hours now, could simply be a Shopify thing but given everything else it's not the best sign.

    Edit: Someone on Kickstarter said it's been down since January 10. Unless there's news soon, I think that might be it for Trinity.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
  4. lbritish
    Probably lost their credit card processor account.... "Shopify" doesn't have "Technical problems" that impact one customer or for more than a couple hours without it making the news. Supposedly Kieran has told people they had technical problems with the website. No way that'd take more than 1 business day to resolve.
  5. lbritish
    also..... Bob's shopify site is working just fine :p and it's literally on the exact same server.....
  6. wilberforce55
    These guys would have had so many charge backs to credit cards and PayPal by now there is now way anyone would back them
  7. KEV G
    Looks like Trinity based their Buisness model on Carillion’s !!!!!!
    j4100, HungryPanda and Carrow like this.
  8. Karendar
    Trinity's dead. Site has been down longer than Jan 10th. Everyone who managed to get their order, you're lucky. I've officially given up the idea of receiving a PM6... F you Trinity. You're a horrible company and you deserve what happened to you.
    rr12267 likes this.
  9. KEV G
  10. Karendar
    Nothing new that hasn't been posted before... Their next filing which is due in june will probably be in the red + bankrupt
  11. KEV G
    I know an accountant, see if I can get him to have a look through this tomorrow. It says Trinity is still active!!
    I’m getting close to the point where I take a drive up there and having a word or two with em, anyone else care to find out. Seeing how they have failed to answer any emails, maybe they’ll open the door and answer some questions. Forget June, 31 January is the next. I think we’ll know in few weeks the fate of Trinity (not that we need to be told)
    I think the UK wrote the book on getting away with it, I know, I live here
  12. Layman1
    Would be interested to hear about what you dig up.
    For what it's worth, the 31st Jan is actually also my birthday. So that's got to count for something, surely? :D
    I'm sure they're just delaying everyone's orders so that they can ship my Icarus DAC at the same time for my birthday :p
    HungryPanda and KEV G like this.
  13. KEV G
    Might even pick it up for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  14. Karendar
    Honestly, anyone willing to go knock at their door would be great. And while you're at it, go knock on IMR Acoustic's door to meet Bob see if you can get any info out of him on what happened. :D
  15. KEV G
    Thing is, I’ll want more than just my order if I have to spend £150 on diesel to get there and back. But sometimes only a face to face meeting can get a problem such as this resolved. We’re not just order numbers !!
    Too many companies get away with these kind of stunts

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