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  1. Numpsy
    Well, after having given up on ever receiving the Airs, they finally showed up a couple of weeks back..... they look nice and sound ok when they work, but alas (and not-really-unexpectedly) the right one is prone to dropping out, here and there when sitting still, somewhat worse when walking around outside for whatever reason. This is playing via a Shanling M1 and my Android Tablet.
    If I hadn't given up on getting them I might be more anoyed, but as it is i'll probably just use them as toys and stick with my Mototola Verves when i need wireless IEMs :frowning2:

    Nice to hear that a few people have got hold of other things recently but i'm still happy that I managed to get a refund for the PM6/Icarus 1 (thanks to Dan) and put the cash into an IT03 instead.
    Also got a TFZ Exclusive 5 just to have something to plug my Trinity Litz cable into (cable costing more than the IEM! Looks nice, but not as good as the IT03).
  2. Karendar
    Pm6 and air here.... Stupid indiegogo.
  3. Karendar
    Out of curiousity, I counted how many people have ordered a PM6 and Air on the IGG and KS pages.

    IGG: 13 people bought a PM6, 40 bought an air. 3 are private.
    KS: 91 people bought a PM6, 1034 people bought an air (OMG!! That's INSANE)

    £107400 collected for the air... Kickstarter/IGG made ~£5000 on the air deal...
    ~£25000 collected for the PM6's... Kickstarter/IGG made ~£1250 on the PM6...

    Makes you wonder what we're all doing working a regular job. Just make a Kickstarter page, post an update every month with fake news and then go rogue. :p
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  4. Tommy C
    The writing was on the
    Yes, it’s kind of crazy. You have people who ordered through their website too and dealers who haven’t received anything.
    Epic fail by management or a well played spin, I don’t know to be honest.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  5. wilberforce55
    And there’s the rub. My theory They made out like bandits on the air, paid the manufacturer, who probably made it to spec, then took their profits. Then the air arrived, was dodgy, and they had no capital to be able to support repairs or replacements. Then started the downhill trend and begging for money via new products and discounts.

    And now we are were we are today
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  6. posnera
    I agree. I am pretty sure that the owners of Trinity are not walking away from this with anything resembling a profit. They simply ran out of capital when their initial plans didn't go correctly. They then used (and abused) the pre-order process and crowd funding to try to keep their previous projects afloat.
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  7. slitzx
    Nice one, I've tried out the PM6 before and it can't really compete with the R1. The R1 is just too good. I would go as far as to recommend the PM4 over both the Master and PM6 as they both have sibilant issues for me.

    I'm a bit jealous that you managed to get a discount, I paid the full £500 for my R1!
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  8. Karendar
    If only I had a PM6 to compare... :wink:

    I keep talking to people who say that it's worth its price tag... So I wouldn't feel bad about it. His promo was mostly for people who couldn't afford the full price. And to be honest, full price for me is horrible due to Canada exchange. :/
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  9. N0he
    At this point, should I try to force a refund and get myself an R1 B Stock?
    Also, since the B Stock units dont have a balanced 2.5mm cable included, are there any aftermarket cables for the R1?
  10. Jackpot77
    As an R1 iwner, I can confirm it uses standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors, so most standard aftermarket cables will work. BUT (and its a big but), the pin sockets are mounted at 90 degrees to the way most 2-pin iems have theirs facing (i.e. they are just rotated through 90 degrees, nothing else funny about them), so don't go for any cables with preformed earguides, as they will be sticking out the wrong way. Memory wire should be fine, as you can just rebend it. Hope that helps?
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  11. Karendar
    Forcing a refund from where though? No chance through Trinity's email... Kieran doesn't answer anymore. Their website is also down. So all that's left is credit card chargeback or paypal claim. Do it now before you run out of time...
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  12. Jigsaw feet
  13. Jigsaw feet
    Screenshot_2018-01-15-02-06-19.png I don"t know if the screen shot has uploaded but the Trinity audio website is not currently unavailable . I hope this is not the bad news I have been expecting for a long time ~especially when I am waiting for Icarus 2 and 4 .
    Emoji ~pi++ Screenshot_2018-01-15-02-06-19.png ed off face.
  14. Karendar
    Been posted at least 5 times...
  15. wilberforce55
    Go back a few pages, it is well reported

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