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  1. dave9527
    "Kieran" is still alive, I received reply from them last Friday saying same bs, no surprise
  2. Jigsaw feet
    Sorry for repeated news. It was my first reaction to report it when I discovered it .
  3. dave9527
    For person like me don't read replies older than one page, we should post updates at least once per page...:hushed:
  4. Karendar
    Or you could read two pages instead of one. This thread has winded down enough for that. :)
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  5. Karendar
    You must be the only one that's still on his authorized sender list :D He pretty much ignores me.
    bjaardker likes this.
  6. wilberforce55
    He doesn’t answer me. But my emails theses days are more of the “how do you sleep at night” type
  7. Karendar
    My emails are still "Status please. All are shipped??"
  8. Karendar
    Ok, so for you Trinity haters, but Bob believers, here's your chance to score an IMR R1 at discount price again:

    After putting a set to one side looks like I've been let down.

    So I now I have one unit left that's open to sensible offer. Email me at info@imracoustics.com

    Good luck :)
    timorinolee likes this.
  9. wilberforce55
    . Was Bob not the person on the Air video saying they have developed a wireless IEM that had perfect connection and 4 hour battery life? So was complicit in this whole lie/fraud/scam?

    Then I don’t know how Bob cannot be grouped in with Trinity
    Tommy C likes this.
  10. Karendar
    I'm not getting into this story again. If this post doesn't speak to you, you can simply ignore it. :)
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  11. Midgetguy
    The exchange rate is TERRIBLE for you. Sure, it was even worse at one point, but that doesn't mean it's any good right now. It's STILL $1.24 CAD to $1 USD
  12. Karendar
    Right. And the british pound is even worse. 1.69 CAD to 1 BGP. :/
  13. Stenso
    Just a quick update on the PM6 that I received last week, having had 100 hours of burn in they are ready for listening tests. I use a playlist of ten Flac files, chosen for differing dynamics/genres/etc and play through a HDD transport into a Violectric V800 then through a Violectric V200 for the desktop test and from a Fiio X5 transport into a Chord Hugo for the transportable test.

    With both at relatively low volumes to just below bearable the PM6's are really shining, with the equipment used there is no sibilance issues (to my ears), and the sq scales well at different volumes. I am really happy with them and will continue to monitor them and update on occasions. It is really a huge disappointment that more people have not had them delivered, because I am fairly certain that there would be a large number of very positive experiences being reported.
  14. Karendar
    Well... There's still hope that some are in shipment as we speak... But I wouldn't hold my breath.
  15. Carrow
    Was wondering if I'd get closure so I've emailed Kieran to see if he could assist me with this clusterf**k of a situation. I don't expect much of anything, especially because Jake last contacted me *last June*, but I may as well try. If I do get my replacement pair of Phantom Sabres (since this was agreed upon a good while ago), I'll be selling them straight off because I don't want to deal with this trash fire of a company ever again.

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