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  1. Karendar
    Want mine? I'll send em for 15$ USD :p
  2. Karendar
    Whaaat... So now we're at "We just don't know anymore?" on when we'll get the PM6 from IGG/KS?!? And they STILL refuse to refund? What crock.

    I'm glad I got everything refunded. I'm just sad I'm stuck with the PM6 order which according to this, I will NEVER get.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2017
  3. Numpsy
    Well, saying 'we don't know' might be seen as being better than just pulling timeframes out of the air :frowning2:

    Wierdly enough, the gunmetal PM-6 seems to be back available to order on the Trinity site after being unavailable, which is nice if they really don't know when they'll get them.
  4. Karendar
    They re-add stock when people get their refunds... They'll just get another sucker to pay for one. :p
  5. posnera
    We don't know is a much better answer than just making something up to quiet the questions for a few more weeks.
    An actual explanation for the delay would be ideal.
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  6. Karendar
    That's all we're asking. A REAL explanation. It's probably so far fetched and crazy that they don't want to fess up.

    "Yeah, so... Someone forgot... To click submit... On the order back in January... So... We redid the order. Then we noticed we wrote 200 instead of 2000 about 2 months later. So we resubmitted the order for 1800. Then they told us they ran out of materials 3 weeks later. So we looked for another supplier. We signed and PAID MORE for you guys, but then 1 month after signing with them, workers went on strike. So we changed parts supplier AGAIN... AT OUR EXPENSE... So we ran out of money. Sorry! Bankrupt. GG."
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  7. OldDude04
    Thanks for the chuckle. :thumbsup:
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  8. Mayo2294
    I (finally) managed to get my hands on the Icarus 3 and the packaging they came in was very good a ton of accessories.

    However, when I tried them with using one of the cables immediately noticed that they've given me a faulty one (glad they've included two).

    Tried them as they were default and the purple filters sucked since, they felt a bit muddy and unclean afterwards I immediately tried the black filters and they were neutral but, they felt off to me as if they were slightly uncanny.

    Finally I switched them out and fitted them with the silver filters with damper and those spin fit tips and man I was impressed, the filters provided enough bass without overburdening you.

    Initial first impressions man they're good.

    Were they worth it to me?
    Hard to say, as much I do like these, the time taken for them to arrive (originally Atlas) was too long and I was traveling abroad last December and could've used a better pair of IEM's. However, I am thankful Kieran offered me these instead of the Atlas and the Master offered by Jake.

    Are they worth it?
    With Bob's farewell discount I would definitely 100% recommend them and judging by the influx of deliveries being made I can imagine Trinity has at least the Icarus 3 produced, organised and ready for delivery. (I can only imagine with the influx of people using the discount it would only add more delays lol).
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  9. Karendar
    Glad to see people are enjoying these. :) Sad I won't get to listen to them, but oh well...
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  10. posnera
    The two cables included are not identical. One is balanced, so if you don't have a balanced source it may not have worked.
  11. posnera
    I'm a little disappointed in the lack of a black (or grey/silver) faceplate. I'm not one for bright colors and the yellow carbon fiber is not my style.

    Maybe I'll try without a faceplate and see what lies beneath...
  12. Monsoon
    My Icarus III shipped today, ordered on Tuesday. I got Express shipping, instead of DHL it shipped via ParcelForce to Canada. I'm guessing it'll be delivered by CanadaPost instead. Not an issue as long as I get it next week.
  13. Mayo2294
    Oh my bad, still overall I think they're great and changed the silver filters with damper to without the damper and they're a lot better.
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  14. Mayo2294
    You know you shouldn't feel bad, the delays are enough to drive even the most patience of people insane. Sure, even if they were great, if you had to RMA them would you really trust Trinity to deliver them back quickly. Vote with your wallet.
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  15. quartertone
    Interesting that people who just ordered them recently are getting them before those of us who ordered months ago... so much for preordering.
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