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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. all999
    This is Bob now:
  2. voxie
    Yep, its a pity. still love my Trinity Deltas v2. Bob started a company called IMR that gets great reviews here on Head-fi. Use the search button for more info.
  3. Torment
    If I’m reading it right from Companies House they made a loss in 2017 of £39149 and had net liabilities of £23400
  4. Watermelon Boi
    Still shocking for a well respected company to vanish in blink of an eye.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  5. hernandoco
    Enjoying the profits.
    bjaardker likes this.
  6. Walderstorn
    Not much as you could see in this very page, at least not more than 1 person may have enjoyed those.
  7. Aevum
    Time i hope...
  8. Preachy1
    Is anyone aware of compatible cables? I need to get a few replacements, preferably with in-line mic and controls. These would be for the Master 4 and/or the Vyrus and/or the Phantom Sabre.

    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  9. 14caiom
    Yes they vanished but it wasn't quick. They made a new kickstarter campaign, sold out hundreds of pre-orders for new products over the course of six months, then they kept us in the loop for another six months. "earbuds are expected in January." they said, then its delayed. Whatever right theres a few months delay its happened before. Then it was delay after delay until Fall came around, nobody received anything, people started getting the picture. By the new year their site was down, it said "We'll be back" Everything they did was to make people not worry, because the longer they stalled the harder it is for all of us to get our money back through our credit card companies, or paypal.
  10. HungryPanda
    Yes despicable tactics I'm out for three items after supporting them well
  11. Sam L
    Sadly, no, I couldn't find replacement cables either. If you find a source, let us know I could use 3 or 4 cables with in-line mics.
    eldus likes this.
  12. Sam L
    I've been away for months (maybe over a year?). I found my v1 Deltas in an old backpack and am listening to them now. My opinion of these haven't changed -- I'm convinced they are still the at the top of the list for $100 iems... really wished I received my Hunters. oh well.

    I'll be looking into IMRs now and see if they pique my interest.
    eldus and HungryPanda like this.
  13. harpo1
    You're not missing much with the Hunters. Worst $500 I've ever spent in this hobby. However, the IMR R1 Zenith is pretty special.
    eldus likes this.
  14. Sam L
    re: the Hunters, noted and good to hear your impression of the Zenith. I'm leaning towards a campfire purchase to keeps things on my side of the pond... still a little skittish about anything coming from a small overseas outfit.
  15. harpo1
    Understand completely. I passed on the IMR R1 because of the trinity crap and to be honest I didn't trust Bob. After hearing all the stellar reviews I figured I'd give the Zenith's a try and glad I did. He had some QC issues with a few of the first batch because of someone assembling them wrong but he's sending out new ones to everyone. I know he has a few more in the works but honestly I hope he just keeps it to one or two new releases a year. We all know what happen to Trinity when they got over ambitious.
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