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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. nealh
    QC issues...assembled wrong. I hope this is not another Trinity starting. Good Luck, I hope everything works out
  2. harpo1
    Hey Neal it's been awhile my friend. That's why I said I hope he sticks to one or two new products a year. However, with that said the Zenith's are the real deal but I'll be watching things closely and definitely won't be buying every product he releases.
  3. HungryPanda
    Bob cannot afford another debacle so soon so I quickly got my Zenith replacement. Will get my hands on them tomorrow when I get home. Two Zeniths and a balanced cable is that sweet payback for the lost Icarus 4 and Phoenix.......
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  4. Walderstorn
    Shouldn't this be moved to another topic? This already has so much pollution on it and now, and as an owner of R1, i want to just focus on the new products of the brand.
  5. HungryPanda
    I also really like the R1 and the zenith is also rather good. Stick out of the ears weirdly, I have noticed people looking at me
  6. harpo1
    Well considering this is the Trinity thread and they no longer exist where do you suggest we move it? This thread seems appropriate since any former Trinity customers may visit this thread and want info on IMR and how they tie together or don't.
    eldus likes this.
  7. peter123
    Eh, maybe do what's usually done and start a new thread for the new brand ...
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  8. rantng
    Don’t blame the earphones :wink:
    warriorpoet and HungryPanda like this.
  9. harpo1
    There's already a thread for IMR that was started because of all the bashing of Bob is this thread.
  10. nealh
    I’m glad they sound great and he is making a quality sounding product. I’m intrigued for sure
  11. Walderstorn

    And one would think that this would be obvious but apparently not. I guess since it's the same designer it's important to keep bashing and comparing with products from 3-5y ago. Maybe it's a "thing" here and we missed that memo.

    I can't seem to find a thread for the Zenith so i will keep a look at the R1 thread instead since people have been posting there.
  12. Shawn71
    IMG_1080.JPG IMG_1048.JPG IMG_1051.JPG IMG_1079.JPG IMG_1078.JPG

    The grey cable is from KZ ZS3 and the silver one is a FiiO cable for UE triple fi 10....they bogh fit well as seen in the pictures...

    The zs3 cable comes with the memory part near the ear-pieces end(just a thin metal wire inside the sheath around say ~5" or so, that i cut off)....and its a good option if you're on budget....but see that,you buy a zs3 set instead of just that grey cable to save $$.you can order zs3 thru aliexpress or gearbest etc if you wonder where to buy....
    I ve ordered KZ 2 pin cable for zs3 ($2 something/the copper colored with tranlucent platic tubing near tbe earpieces end) to check on my TF10 but never had a chance to try it on my vyrus,but can update here if someone wish to see a pic.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
  13. Midgetguy
    And in case anyone is wondering in terms of numeric specs, you're looking for 0.75mm 2-pin connections. That's what's used in the KZ and UE TF10 cables to my knowledge.
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  14. VocaloidDude
    Trinity is gone, right? I still wish I could get my litz cables for the phantom hunter, which is a great pair of earbuds.
  15. Midgetguy
    Yeah, forget it.
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