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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. xineis
    Bummer, man... I got the PM4's back when they launched.
  2. Walderstorn
    Be impressed, we had enough negativity already.

    Obviously warranty is only worth if the company is still open.

    Bob can do whatever because he wasn't listed as owner but as worker/collaborator.

    Can be angry all you want but the IMR R1 with the right filters and cable sounds better than my Dunu 3000 did. That's something that kind surprised me in a very sad way since it shows, again, that he knows what he's doing in terms of engineering but was bad in terms of business model.
  3. Podster
    I guess if you are going to slam Bob and the wife as the root cause of all this please give us all the details in print? I followed and bought from TA Audio right up till the time the major backer put the squanch on TA Audio. Bob's wife Ms. Timms was a share holder (to the best of my knowledge hoping that Bob and his family would reap in the fortunes of TA) please present us evidence otherwise. Once Bob got pulled out of the customer support (from which I understand he got none from within) he could no longer back up some of his earlier promises to just a few and he did reach out but once again without having access to items yet some suffered but I know he felt very bad since he was removed of doing anything for anyone! This is the point when Joe Watts instructed his other staff Kieran, Jake and Kelly who started feeding half truths and pure lies to appease those in wait.

    Once again if you were there and have some written documentation I'll concede but to me you are starting something based on what you think went down. Like I said I have been a supporter of Trinity and Bob since the first KS, Bob's work speaks for itself but I'll admit as he has learned knowing how to cover his back side in a business practice was not his Forte! You also never have to buy anything from Bob ever again but up until he was forced to relinquish what little control and input he had he was Trinity Audio and their Customer service which to this day carries on at IMR. Unless you can prove all that you say about him it's hearsay IMO. Not to mention if you don't have or know the facts beyond a shadow of a doubt you are slandering ones character which in all my time knowing him has been outstanding even though I'll never see my Icarus 1 purchase Bob was far removed from ever being able to support that project.

    The only problem I saw Bob have was his dreams and ability were unable to be supported by his backer who IMO should have been lobbying investors left and right to keep up. Another lesson learned by Bob, who now realizes one product at a time and setting a solid foundation is the key to growing a successful business. I still wish him best of luck and where is TA Audio again now, slapping people in the face with some half hearted last ditch effort of sending out re-engineered products like the PM6's I've read about. With people like you and your opinions Bob has suffered enough but what about Joe Watts, what exactly has he suffered? I think most who have been behind Bob from the start also realize he had the carpet basically pulled out from under him but once again IMO he did not let it end his dreams to bring you a great iem at a reasonable price. So they share the same business complex, can you show us where Bob has any dealings with TA Audio at all anymore? Lots of businesses have split and stayed within a working area so give some documentation on this as well please. Just my opposite $.02 of yours:beerchug:
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  4. sup27606
    I agree, Bob is a passionate creator and an amicable personality. I have met him personally. It's now clear to us that he was in charge of the designing, not the leadership in the company (or was he at some point? we may never know). However, the fact is, for the two years or so I have been following the TA forums, Bob has appeared to me the sole lifeblood of Trinity, the legitimate decision maker for all practical purposes. That's from his multiple posts about timelines, future directions, kickstarters, fundraisings etc. When timelines started slipping, promises not kept, some were skeptical, while others (including me at times) defended Bob. Many felt they were in good hands, and nothing disastrous would happen, Bob wouldn't allow it. Then at some point (probably last year), Bob was removed from his role in these forums, and he slipped away without a word! These were the diehard supporters that not only supported Trinity, but Bob personally as well. Couldn't Bob at least notify them that he won't be in charge of answering for Trinity any more. His last post on Head-fi was on April 12, 2017. There was still time then to get refunds for preorders. Or, was it the idea, to not tell anyone that the lifeblood of the company has been sidelined? That must have had spooked some of the customers who had hung around out of ardent faith for Bob, despite all that was happening with the order support. That might have triggered an onslaught of refund requests which had to be prevented at all cost by hiding the truth? Again, we may never know. However, I can't stop feeling that Bob knowingly allowed Trinity to defraud it's customers, even if he didn't do or approve of it himself. When the boat started sinking, he quietly departed leaving hundreds of faithful customers in the dark. Its only when he finally left Trinity, we got to know from an official announcement, but by that time it was too late.

    If Bob was merely the head designer and not the ultimate decision maker in the company, where was that information during the heyday at Trinity, when there were credits to be earned for offering quality products at low costs. Why are we being told this only when it comes to sharing blames for bungling what was once a respectable boutique company that appeared to value it's customers? Again, we may never know, and personally I don't condone throwing insults at Bob, but if someone says, its all Joe Watts, leave Bob out of this, that's a pipe dream.

    I respect him as an engineer who doesn't want to compromise quality for profit, and if he is ever part of a stable organization designing products, I will happily purchase his offerings. However, Bob as the lead person in a small farm or a one man show in anything is not my cup of tea any longer.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  5. Podster
    As well you should, even though you met him and know (respect you said) his talents you know for a fact he screwed everyone over?

    My understanding is he was hoping banking on his legal representation turning things around for him but once that fell through it was too late for Bob to right the wrongs and correct the ship.

    We can only hope he has learned at least from a business standpoint. Best of my knowledge his legal group was assuring him he would be able to cover and repair once again until it was too late. Like you said we the buying public may never know what all went down other than it was all handled badly!
  6. sup27606
    Hmmm ... meanwhile I see dreams of my Icarus IV that never saw light of the day :ksc75smile:
  7. Podster
    You and quite a few more, I saw the writing on the wall and did not go for anything after the Icarus IIi which I received then I thought for 10 pounds the Icy 1 was worth a try but anithet on that to the best ofmy knowledge never saw the light of day. Sad deal for many and I can see why they are mad but since there is nit even a Trinity Audio any longer its time to move on.
  8. Carlsan
    I've resolved myself to moving on. That's not the point. The point is that Trinity screwed me over and quite a few others.
    For that reason, I will never give Bob any of my money in the future.

    Lesson learned. Moving on.
  9. Walderstorn
    Whatever it is people can always vote with their wallets.
  10. hernandoco
    Also, I don't think people will be discovering trinity anytime soon anyway, other than what stock is left and whatever massdrop releases. In time, this thread will slowly come to a stop and I'm fine with that. It was a long 4 years.
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  11. Colors
    It’s a shame this company folded (and what it did).

    I picked up a pair of used IMR R1 and Icarus III and I have to say that the house sound and tuning is very organic and extremely pleasing to the ears. It’s probably my favourite house sound next to the JH Audio (yes, I like sound that’s like a real stage performance, particularly rock). The black filter (closed port) with the IMR R1 and the orange, blue and black filters of the Icarus III provided me such tonally pleasing sounds that I have not really heard from other IEMs before, particularly for the price I got them at. The person responsible for tuning these is very competent and has a great ear.

    I came from Styleforum and used to be into clothes. A similar company called Temple of Jawnz (ToJ) screwed over buyers with a similar story. Makes me wonder why we can’t have exceptional products at the prices they offer or perhaps, it’s simply not sustainable or profitable or personal issues (motivation, greed, etc.).
  12. joris818
    I just took a bit of a gamble, I was looking for a decent iem to complement my ttpod T1 and Xiaomi pistons and found a pair of used trinity audio icarus III.
    Just confirmed the payment and I'm now awaiting the package.

    It was a bit of a gamble because I couldn't find a comprehensive review. Would anyone care to share their thoughts?
  13. HungryPanda
    I'm sure you will really enjoy the Icarus III it is a fantastic iem
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  14. joris818
    I'll post my findings when I receive the IEMs :wink:
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  15. Colors
    It’s a great IEM. I like the blue and gold filters with JVC Spiral Dots.

    The black and green filter are nice too.
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