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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. HungryPanda
    I have the gold filters on mine
  2. joris818
    Allright, thanks ! Do you think I'll be able to drive them directly from my Samsung S9+?
    I'll have a Denon da10 at my disposal, would there be a lot to gain from a better amp?
    Colors likes this.
  3. Colors
    Not much going from my iPhone X to Cayin N5ii. Slight but not major difference.
  4. joris818
    That Cayin looks like a nice player. But is it worth the trouble?
    I like to listen to Spotify Premium trough my smartphone, I always carry it with me so that convinient, when I want that extra oomph I'll add the DA10.
    Do you find the dedicated player to be worth it? (I understand - for instance- if you've got a massive collection of lossless files it makes more sense!)
  5. Colors
    DAP is worth it for the SQ increase I got with my earphones. Varies with each one.
    joris818 likes this.
  6. Teti
    Hi! who wants to sell icarus
  7. Podster
  8. gazzington
    I have done these and they sound great. Anybody have a chart of the different filters eq progile?
  9. Teti
    I would prefer used headphones
  10. Podster
    So post a wanted post in the for sale thread and see if you get some hits:rolling_eyes:
  11. Teti
    I'm a new user. I do not have permission to write
  12. Podster
    If you would like when I get back to my PC I can post in there and leave tour Head-Fi contact:wink:
    barondla likes this.
  13. eldus
    I was just using my phantom masters today with my magni 3, pretty low on the volume knob, until the right side started shocking my right ear. Is their site just gone?? or is there a way I can contact them. :triportsad::anger::anger_right:
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  14. voxie
    Afraid not eldus, they are out of business. Closed down about 12 months ago.
  15. eldus
    ahh, I've stayed out of the loop for a while after the crapshow started. Such a shame what they did. For a time, they were respected. Do we know what Bob is doing now?
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