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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. 14caiom
    What hurts me now is the mystery. I backed Trinity's very first Kickstarter campaign, and I loved the video bob made, I could see the passion for what he loved to do in his eyes, the honesty. He's the only reason I bought them in the first place. I've never felt such trustworthiness from any Kickstarter creator before. I looked back at some of their later campaigns, and the videos are really bad, some voiceover speaks while they do a close up of the earbuds and it doesn't even tell you any useful information. I bought $300 Master 6's because my trinity's that were $70 I thought were better than $170 Sony's. They were supposed to ship multiple times, got delayed for months, until they told me it had shipped on december 12th. After that no response, An honest company became a scam when they repeatedly sent out updates on their blog that were vague. They gave everyone codes for their free bluetooth earbuds, so i paid an extra $10 to them, just the icing on the cake. I swore by this brand. I told everybody to get them. I still use my earbuds from the first campaign, because their the best i've used. I come back here on this site because I just want to make something of this. That's my rant.
  2. Midgetguy
    I still use my Hyperion. Their first few products were the best they ever made IMO.
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  3. HungryPanda
    I gave my Hyperion to my daughter in law as she really liked them and then promptly got another pair for myself
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  4. Midgetguy
    Solid IEM, enjoyable sound signature, and great value at the prices it originally went for. As good as it was, it got way too expensive to be justified in the later stages crossing over when TAE just needed money. I like it, but I wouldn't pay 50 pounds for it.
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  5. gazzington
    Cam somebody explain the differences in the tuning filters?
  6. 14caiom
    They are different on some models. I think I have Delta's, and the purple tuning filters are high treble, the regular color that matches the earbuds are balances, and the other is bass heavy, I got three pairs, but some come with like 5, so i don't know about those.
  7. 14caiom
    I emailed Bob on IMR acoustics site expressing concern about Trinity and closure, and he responded. What he told me was that he left Trinity in August 2017, he was head designer there, and because he was very vocal about his creations, a lot of people think he was in charge. Trinity also owes him money, he said his last two invoices are still unpaid. He left to start his own brand, IMR, after selling anything of value at trinity.

    Hopefully this helps.
  8. bjaardker
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  9. Tommy C
    They also share the exact same office and Shopify account with Trinity and IMR domains. Just a contractor I suppose nothing to see here folks.
  10. KimbaWLion
    As they say...

  11. VocaloidDude
    Do you think Bob could still send me the Litz cables they never sent me?
  12. 2Dutch
    I still enjoy my Delta v2's and Icarus III, my wife still loves her Hyperions. I just see it like this: paid too little for those Hyperions and Delta's, and that money amounts to a Phantom Air :wink:
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  13. sup27606
    Meaning of phantom from google:

    1. a ghost.
      "a phantom who haunts lonely roads"
      synonyms: ghost, apparition, spirit, specter, wraith; More
      • a figment of the imagination.
        "he tried to clear the phantoms from his head and grasp reality"
        synonyms: delusion, figment of the imagination, hallucination, illusion, chimera, vision, mirage
        "the phantoms of an overactive imagination"
      • denoting a financial arrangement or transaction that has been invented for fraudulent purposes but that does not really exist.
        modifier noun: phantom
        "he diverted an estimated $1,500,000 into “phantom” bank accounts"
  14. voxie
    Yes, the Delta v2's were a great sounding iem. Real pity they just didn't just develop and refine them. The Achilles heal was the braided cable especially for an on the go phone. In fairness to Bob when I mentioned this he sent me a cloth covered cable... ahh well that's when the were the poster boys here on Head-Fi.
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  15. Niyologist
    I will become an Audio Engineer soon. So I will start my own company and start off small. Instead of going for too much at once.
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