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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. 2Dutch
    That's also the reason I still keep the non-braided mic cable around somewhere.The braided cable is a scary frail one. Bob once sent me another Delta because mine had glue residue on them. Those were the days indeed...
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  2. Midgetguy
    I doubt it.
  3. ckcdavid
    Woo, receives my PM6 suddenly. I haven’t check the quality yet, but still surprised that I would received the product when the company is already down.

    I order the PM6 two years ago, and today I received it when I already changed to use bluetooth iem. What’s a damn joke.
  4. sososerious
    The bigger joke is coming when you take out the little screws, look inside... And find TWO instead of SIX drivers inside!

    Looking at the total driver count that means we've only got 4 of the 12 drivers, guess that's how they've managed to keep sending some out.
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  5. myrottiety
    SO after 8 months of shipping off my broken Icarus iii. Trading "we are working on it" mails with Kieran. Making a credit card claim for the $100+ bucks. Loosing the $100 shipping to send them back to England. Guess what showed up in my mail box. My broken headphones with a note that says sorry we couldn't fix them. But they belong to you. So here you go.

    So I just super glued one of the filters into the IEM. I had thrown everything else away that came with them months ago. So grabbed a $5 cable from Amazon. So $100 in wasted shipping, $5 cable, and 8 Months of waiting. I'm listening to them now. *face palm*

    Not sure if I'm impressed or more disappointed than ever. LOL
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  6. hernandoco
    Did you buy from their website or from Kickstarter?
  7. bjaardker
    "My broken headphones with a note that says sorry we couldn't fix them. But they belong to you. So here you go."

    Hmm.... didn't they have some amazing warranty that they kept crowing about?

    I'm still floored that Joe Watts and Bob Timms are able to do business in the UK with BS like this going on. Is there truly no recourse for the consumer there?
  8. zamorin
    How come they can still advertise their projects on kickstarter? I kinda liked their Hyperion iems.
  9. ckcdavid
    As I remember, I bought from website with black friday coupon.
  10. eldus
    Does anyone have a recommendation for a Vyrus v1 replacement cable?
  11. Carlsan
    "He was "just" head designer there, but his wife had ownership share of the company. So Robert James Timms can say he was "just" head designer, but that's a half truth."

    "They also share the exact same office and Shopify account with Trinity and IMR domains. Just a contractor I suppose nothing to see here folks."

    Will never buy from IMR, Bob is a piece of $H!T for what Trinity did. His wife was co-owner, same building, IMR is just a continuation of Trinity; built on the bone heap of bad customer relations and ripped off people that Trinity left behind.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  12. harry501501
    lol, Trinity Audio Engineering. The TA Delta's V1 were one of my first decent earphones way back when i was starting out and i loved them... ended up loaning them to my mum one day as she lost her basic Senn's pair and she still uses them to this day. Sigh. Anyway, I really loved the quality and i remember thinking the PM6 looked great and i nearly pulled the trigger but instead got the Dunu Dn1000 as couldn't be bothered waiting for them to ship. Probably one of the luckiest things I've done.

    I could tell very early on they were destined to go bust. The way they kept postponing released dates was a joke. You can't keep coming up with bigger, grander and more expensive projects when you haven't managed to perfect your earlier models and deal with the orders you have still to honour. Disgraceful how they took advantage of people on Head-Fi actually. Feel for those of you with broken orders or no orders and to see your cash swallowed up by charlatans.
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  13. headhuan
    How much is the cancelation fee?:jecklinsmile:
  14. xineis
    Damn, apparently I missed a lot of stuff in the whole year I was gone from Head-Fi. From what I understand, Trinity closed shop without delivering the goods for people who already had paid, is that about right?
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  15. hernandoco
    You didn't miss anything and yes that sounds about right. Some people got theirs sporadically but nothing significant. Probably the only thing you missed was how they were not building the PM6s to what they were supposed to be. The PM6s are supposed to have 4BA + 2DD but some people opened theirs up and saw only 2DD. The company has crashed and burned a long while ago. The threads aren't even talking about Trinity much anymore. Just conversations about other IEM purchases others have made. On a positive note, he threads are a lot less hostile now.
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