Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

  1. Tommy C
    At least that. They have many outstanding orders their lies had piled up. Based on what I know now I would say take your money and run.
  2. Ahmad313
    Hope you will get your order because i think trinity have some lcarus lll in their stock ,
  3. guysmileeey
    Karendar is probably right that the Icarus3 will ship quickly and is what's funding future models and deliveries of the older models. It's just a tough position to recommend from with the extended delays and unknowns. The products are of high quality when they arrive though
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  4. Lurk650
    PayPal isn't good. You get charged fees for foreign currency conversion. I lost a total of $25 on my PM6 refund due to exchange rate changing over 4 months and then the fee for converting currencies
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  5. Ahmad313
    Right you lost $25 but at least you get back your money a little less what you paid , think about the peoples who don't have PayPal protection and now waiting for their refunds in a dark room ,
  6. Tommy C
    Unfortunately guys, I don’t think the refunds are coming.
  7. Lurk650
    I do understand that. Nobody should be giving TA more money.
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  8. Karendar
    They're not. They're losing money on currency conversion.
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  9. Alibora
    Hi guys. I also ordered icarus III 20 days ago. I should ve read this thread first. I made the payment from credit cart. so stupid of me.
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  10. hernandoco
    I wouldn't mind losing $25 to get back the rest of the money I paid for the PM6.
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  11. Ahmad313
    Wish you good luck ,
  12. Ahmad313
    Yes that is the point " something is better than nothing "
  13. Aleksis
    Did you take shipping without a tracking number?
    I took it and starting to regret it a bit.
  14. Alibora
    No I gave the extra for tracking number. But after Im reading what they do in the past. I dont think it matters.
  15. Alibora
    Thanks. :)
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