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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. Lurk650
    Yeah you really need to go back and read even just the past week. TA does not deserve any money from anybody. They are going to make you a sucker. My post was essentially saying that the A4 is a solid IEM (that I did once own) and is readily available to buy, the Icy3 is a mythical creature that very few have heard and many are waiting on but is looking like it will never actually make it into full production.
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  2. Intensecure
    They're not selling cheap, they are selling at the price that everyone paid.
    Don't be fooled by Trinity marketing, the MSRP means nothing.
    The pre-order price was £75 including post. There were more discount codes afterwards, so this is and always was the price.
    And that's what they are worth, and not as good as a $150-200 IEM - that's what they want you to think, that's what marketing does. But you get what you pay for and they are OK, not great. I bought them, sold them, they are not even close to my $190 Sony XBA. I doubt that they are close to the A4 either.
    Your choice, but don't think that they are £235 IEMs because no way.
  3. HungryPanda
    I would put the Icarus III in the £70-99 bracket
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  4. peter123
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
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  5. Ahmad313
    hahaha , wise advise,
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  6. HungryPanda
    What are you guys gonna do when Trinity is gone for good, I do worry
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  7. Sebilion
    Thank you for your advice guys, I really appreciate it! I will save some money and I will continue my research on the best filter iem fornmy budget. For they money I am looking to spend, I'll either go for the lz a4 or the FLC8S. It needs a lot of research though because they are not very popular so I can't be sure which is better. Thanks again for the help
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  8. Torment
    Going by the Micro Company Accounts on here they only made £8749 profit last year
  9. Lonelyers
    I was promised a refund weeks ago, but I have received nothing so far. Not to mention that I still haven't received the non-refundable Phantom Air.

    The customer support of Trinity is not responding to email enquiries. We are probably near the end of Trinity. I would advise everyone to exercise extreme caution when purchasing from Trinity.
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  10. Ahmad313
    You will get your refunds one day be patienc and wait , i got my refunds for Hunters after about 60 days,
  11. guysmileeey
    I'm also nervous about Trinity's ability to deliver. The Icarus3 was one of the models that they actually delivered on. It was the Hunter, the PM6, and the Air that many people have been waiting over a year to receive. Perhaps a used Trinity IEM from a trusted head-fi member. I can recommend the Master model if you can find it for a reasonable price used. I enjoy the push/pull configuration of the drivers, makes for a quick and impactful low end. Just be aware that ordering new through the company has been a long wait for some
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
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  12. Aleksis
    Now I'm getting stressed too.

    As an original kickstarter backer and previous owner of the good Delta IEM's I went ahead and ordered the Icarus III (with the code) without checking here first.

    I didn't realise how deep in crap these guys were.
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  13. Tommy C
    Did you use PayPal or credit card?
  14. Aleksis
    PayPal, thank god.

    I really do wish my order comes through.
    Otherwise I will have to refund.
  15. Karendar
    Why? You'll get the Icarus III and will help some of us get our year old preorders shipped. People have purchased the Icarus III and they do ship when in stock. Not a bad purchase
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