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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. dullknives
    look up the definition of consent.

    this is correct. not to mention those of us who unsubscribed from the trinity emails and expected to be scrubbed from their database.
  2. poro1
    I understand, but considering the amount of information that is collected completely legally and cleverly by big companies (and illegally by big nations, including UK, USA, China and Russia) I found this data breach quite irrelevant..

    However, I can very well understand the anger after all the trouble with Trinity.
  3. poro1
    How about if your beloved pizza chef from a corner restaurant would start her own pizza place and send you an e-mail of the new place. I can see that it can be against regulation, but would still be happy getting the mail.
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  4. poro1
    If this is really new trinity under the same owners, then this would be really quite nasty setting.. To the best of my understanding this is not the case.
  5. Podster

    I realize that and I also realize data breaches happen all the time and most of the time nothing ever happens. How do you think we get on telemarketing/email list or get bombarded with spam. IMHO the least Trinity could do for Bob is allow him to email his customer base because without Bob they would not have even had a customer base. People get too worked up over the wrong things, if Bob was giving out your SSN or card numbers that would be different but basically anybody and their brother can get your mailing/email or phone numbers anymore.

    Like I said you should do what you need to do, maybe you can take him down single handedly but the Big Old USA has not taken down Snowden or Papa (JA) Wikileaks! Bob's new title could be Chief Engineer/Ace Hacker @ IMR:hushed: No doubt the unraveling of Trinity has brought out some of the best haters in many and that is what happens whenever Corporate raises their proverbial heads. I'm like 100% sure Bob's business acumen was no where near his engineering abilities when his enthusiasm got him started but with that said I bet it's ramped up about 90% now.

    In the infamous words of the late great Leslie Nielson "Everybody move along, nothing to see here" (In this technology driven world of today it was best put as "Unsubscribe"
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  6. poro1
    I'm one of the blessed ones who do not have any trouble with the highs of PM4's.. I also agree that they are not perfect for everything, but for slow jazz and so one they are still my number one choice. The build quality is irritating though. My left side is cutting out all the time..

    Funny thing is that mine are far more power hungry than Icarus or Masters. Cranking volume up makes very slow increase in volume level.. Almost double volume needed against Icarus iii.
  7. voxie
    Don't mean to come across a holier than thou on this matter..but this what I do to make a living. It just goes against every thing my company stands for:beerchug:
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  8. Podster
    My point is no one is ever really scrubber from data bases, too many points of memory:rolling_eyes: Glad your a company man, I just try to be realistic since and even if these people do neglect their responsibilities to customers the law rarely does anything! @dullknives I do know what consent means but that too ignored far too often, loved the reply...............you don't happen to be an Attorney are you?
  9. poro1
    I agree that one should be very careful with this type of issues. However, I'm not sure if the biggest problems in the field are related on incidents of the type we are now discussing.
    I think far more horrible things can be done completely legally and legislation is very slow to react on these things. Just as well dipping my feet little on the crypto side has made me quite disillusioned on what nice people can do to protect their information..
  10. dullknives
    not an attorney but i also work in a field that deals with and takes consumer privacy and the laws protecting them very seriously. and yes, people are permanently scrubbed from databases all the time.
  11. Podster
    Oh, OK:slight_smile:
  12. HungryPanda
    Councils and other big businesses all sell client contact lists, In the UK you can look at the Land registry details of anyone if you pay. In the states you can look up anyones phone numbers, email addresses. This is Big Brother world
  13. voxie
  14. peter123
    Thanks for the replies guys!

    After reading @Intensecure excellent overview (still can't find it on the Icarus III product page) I started out with the dampened gold filters and then went on to the blue ones as Podster suggested. After being underwhelmed by the stock purple filter both the others are really good to my ears. I've only had a couple of hours listening but can already tell that these are easily the best Trinity IEM's I've heard so far (I own the original Delta, Techne and PM4 as well) and for a sub $100 price they're great value. All my listening so far is through the Opus #1.

    I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that a balanced cable was included but I don't care much for the clumsy solution with the 3.5mm jack hanging on my chest.

    They also look absolutely fabulous and in opposite to Podster I find the to sound their best with one red and one blue faceplate :wink:
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2017
  15. Podster
    And here I just thought that was for dummies who could not figure out their left from right without paint by numbers:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2017
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