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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. Ahmad313
    I have the same feelings , although the product looks awesome but i can't trust on them .
  2. voxie
    Folks here should be very concerned about their privacy rights.. not only have ones email address being shared without consent, also physical addresses along with phone numbers. This data breach should be flagged to the Head-Fi moderators.
  3. peter123
    Could someone please enligheten me about the different filters for the Icarus III? My pair arrived today and it would be nice to know where to start with filter rolling. The included manual only talks about the filters for the Deltas and Sabre....
  4. Intensecure
    • From Trinity's website:
    • SILVER = Enhanced bass. Offering a V shape signature while retaining plenty of musical detail
    • GUNMETAL (Smooth) = Natural. Offering a more balanced sound signature across the frequencies.
    • PURPLE = Treble. Offering a reduced bass signature with an focus on upper mids and treble.
    • GOLD = Perfect balance between gunmetal and purple filters
    • SILVER (with damper) = Enhanced bass. Offering a V shape signature while retaining plenty of musical detail with smoothed treble
    • PURPLE (With damper) = Treble. Offering a reduced bass signature with an focus on upper mids and treble. (treble smoothed)
    • GOLD (With damper) = Perfect balance between gunmetal and purple filters (treble smoothed)
    • RED (Black damper) = This is a new version of our silver filter with the treble rolled off for more of an L shape signature
    • BLACK (Black Damper) = Re-imagining of the purple filter, this filter is quite neutral with the high frequencies allowed to shine a little over the mids.
    • GREEN (Black damper) = Much like our Gunmetal filter with controlled highs and midrange lifted a little
    • BLUE (Black damper) = Whole range in balance nothing over done, bass heads need not apply
    • ORANGE (Black Damper = Very lean signature and won't be for most people, treble rolled off
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  5. Walderstorn
    baffling tactic then.
  6. poro1
    I think quite many have liked gold (undamped). I use greens myself at the moment.
  7. Podster
    @Intensecure has posted the filter options for Masters and Icarus III, you know my likes and I prefer the green and blue filters but have been known to slip those gold's on:wink: I've also noticed the yellow carbon backs make mine sound really sweet:scream: jk, couldn't help myself on that one:upside_down: I really hope you like them Peter as they are a giant leap from the PM4's IMO:thinking:
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  8. poro1
    I think this is really Bob's new company (owned by him) and not new Trinity. Using the e-mail list from Trinity was maybe not the wisest decision, but I don't think there is any kind of increased risk involved. He is the same person who's products and e-mails we wanted earlier. Has now new company that does similar products as trinity did. For sure it all did not go perfectly and the situation with Trinity is quite messy.
  9. poro1
    I still think PM4 does some things extremely nicely.
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  10. Podster
    I personally asked Bob to keep my info, what went down at Trinity was not Bob's fault (maybe just a wee bit of a learning curve) but he is sure not operating at in in their behalf. I knew it was not going to be long before those who put all the blame on him would show up here, I mean the whole place is public and don't think that all your privacy is not known far more than you think by far more than you think:wink: Google yourself some time or just call in another Pizza and let the little lady say oh is this you and are we having our usual! Privacy, surely you jest:rolling_eyes:

    @poro1 , we all do hear them differently and many of us have found some pretty wild anomalies with the PM4. I'm glad you enjoy yours and get what you want out of them, still a good looking design and sweet build but for some of us they lack some coherence.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2017
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  11. voxie
    Poro1... sending and having an email list from a different company and using it to send unsolicited mails is a Data Breach. If Bob's "New Company" took over Trinity that is a different matter but still open to interpretation. If my client email address got misplaced lost I have to report this to the appropriate authorities in my Country.
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  12. Walderstorn
    What you think doesn't make sense, because:

    1) He used the same contact list

    2) He use the same freaking address.

    Them, Trinity and Bob can all go to hell as far as i am concerned, this is as low as you can get.
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  13. HungryPanda
    The pitchforks have been sharpened and redeployed :)
  14. Podster
    Well I think you should do what you have to do @voxie , I'm content with Bob getting away from Trinity (actually as far as he can) but it's clear he has moved on and still wants to provide what he's always wanted to provide "Great audio reproduction and fair prices" sure the R1 is not where he started with the Hyperion but once these establish themselves I believe he will create new and lesser priced iem's again.


    Aug. 16, 2017
    IMR Launch day!

    It seems like an age to get to this day but it is finally here!

    As many of you know I left my previous position to pursue my own goals and create some of the worlds best sounding in ear headphones.

    Welcome one and all to IMR Acoustics!

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  15. voxie
    Podster.. if the little lady gave the customer email address to another person who sent out emails advertising a new pizza place. That's a Data Breach. I know this stuff as I work for an email marketing company here in the ROI.
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