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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. warrior1975

    I agree with you, regarding the older cable. I never took the Whiplash off (8 strand). With my Ref 1 Too, I constantly keep the stock tralucent cable on. I haven't abed it, but the stock cable sounded that good.
  2. tgdinamo
    But you are talking about the new copper stock that came with Ref 1 too, correct? Not the old stock silver/gold now being used with your new Ref 1 too?
  3. warrior1975
    Yes, the new cable. It's quite good.
  4. tgdinamo
    Thanks - it makes sense to me copper would sound better and especially with 1plus2.2. I have used some type of custom copper cabel with the original 1plus2 and that helped improve the SQ - smoothed out some of that sibilance that is occasionaly present with original 1plus2.
  5. warrior1975
    Which Whiplash do you use again? How many strand?
  6. tgdinamo
    Regular twau reference gold plated silver (not 8 strand).
  7. Sabre2

    I am also using the stock to pair with 2.2 which I mentioned a couple of pages back. :D
  8. tgdinamo
    Ergonomics are very important to me since I mostly use the phones during commute to work which involves train, subway, and walking. I had a lot of trouble with Tralucent stock stiff cables during commutes - even had phones pop out (disconnect from the cables) and almost lost them. Since I moved to whiplash and also used some glue (per Gavin's recommendation) I have not had any more problems with that. I will say that the stock cable that came with Ref 1 seemed somewhat better than the one that came with 1plus2 (sonically - but that may be because 1plus2 is more prone to sibilance so using copper cable with it improved the SQ more than using whiplash instead of stock with my Ref 1.).
  9. warrior1975
    I had the same issue with my original Ref 1 and stock cable. The new cable and Ref 1 Too I've had no issues, and that's without the glue. I'm not going to glue the uBer cable either, as I plan on using it with both ref 1 Too and P5. I'm working on getting an adapter for my Sony IEMS as well for ze uBer cable.
  10. Kiats
    When I picked up the original 1Plus2 (which was after the Ref1Too) it came with the silver gold cable. Interestingly, the 1p2 fit my ears beautifully, as did the memory wire part of the cable. So, I did not have any issue with it. Although I no longer commute in Singapore, I used it with no issue while I travelled abroad. :) I later switched to the Uber cable when I picked up the Uber Too cable for the Ref1 Too.

    As for the new stock cable, I'm currently happily using it with the 1Plus2. Good synergy there. Joe-Siowwho heard this combo recently was very pleasantly surprised how well it worked. :)
  11. Sabre2
    So far, for my daily commute, I took trains and usually I need to walk for train transfer, and a little squeezing if its too crowded. So far, i have no issues with new uber and stock, plus the earlier silver gold. I can't comment on other earlier version as I don't own them.
  12. Kiats

    Sabre2 is being modest: he has to walk a fair distance from the station. I was embarrassed the last time we met for lunch because I didn't realise he had to walk so far to meet me... I would volunteer to pick him up if not for the fact I would either get hopelessly lost or security may shoot me on sight... :yum:
  13. Joe-Siow
    The new 2.2 is excellent. In fact, it captured my attention more than the Plus 5, which I also had the fortune of listening, thanks to the good man Kiats.
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor
    2.2 is an animal. Down right off the charts entertainment machine.
  15. Sabre2
    The walk is definitely worth it. It's a secret quest to hunt down @Kiats to rob something precious from him and a free lunch. It's a deal, not to be missed [​IMG] 
    Joe-Siow likes this.
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