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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. lee730
    I just simply use a small piece of scotch tape (the light brown looking one) and fold it into a rectangle piece (cut out). That makes it where my pieces don't fall out unless I pull them out purposely. This is with months of usage.
  2. lee730
    I wouldn't let the SE5 dangle from the cable. I don't think the housing is meant to take abuse. It goes from my ears to their case or to somewhere stationary. If you mess up the sockets on the SE5 you're ****ed. It's not even recommended to be switching out cables much at all. I did it once and I won't be doing so again for longevity purposes (as well as finding that sweet spot) :p.
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Gavin is awesome, one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of meeting online

    Mimouille assures us in real life he looks like Simon Yam, but I'm not so sure.


  4. flymetothemoon
    Oh, no comparison.  Gavin is more handsome!
    H20Fidelity likes this.
  5. 3nenbgumi
    I have to admit I have never been too interested in the 1Plus2, but Gavin's got to be one of the nicest people I have had pleasure of dealing with. I'm sure he'd go that extra mile to take care of you and your problem.
  6. tupac0306
    hahaha...IMO Gavin looks more like a British guy rather than a HK chinese, maybe he stayed in UK for too long
  7. AmberOzL

    The earpiece is quite indestructible actually, just we have to pay attention to the cable connector that's all. Then again it is also quite recessed in silicone, I think they are just fine.
    I also use in the same way you do. Pelican case > my ears > pelican case again [​IMG]
  8. AmberOzL
    He is a great guy isn't he? [​IMG] I am happy that your situation didn't get worse. Take a good care of the new one you will be receiving.
  9. Gintaras

    Gavin is amazing person and true audiophile who understands music passion with heart, so he knows how painful this to lose your gear that is sounding so right.

    Besides Gavin has golden ears because only having this one could develop 1p2. Believe me, i stopped bothering about upgrades after receivng 1p2, and glad to hear about new Tralucent IEM because if i decide for a new one this will be new Tralucent.
  10. AmberOzL

    I am still waiting maybe one day he would come up with a ciem [​IMG]
  11. flymetothemoon
    Hi Gintaras,
    Same here.  For a period of time I don't bother until I've read the new Ref.1 will be coming out.  Committed and wait, patiently, for the new release!
  12. tgdinamo
    I would love to see ergonomic version of uber cable (much more so than new phones). Top of the line uber SQ (with 1p2) but possible to commute with it would be a dream - that's the only thing holding me from purchasing uber (of course it's probably not possible to produce that at all or otherwise Gavin would have already done it - but if it could be done that's really the only upgrade I feel could possibly improve on my current Tera+1p2 combo).
  13. flymetothemoon
    Yes, Uber is not really user friendly, not to mention for on-the-go.  As I have the luxury to listen to my gear while at work and I spent an average of 4-5 hours with music over work day.  I'm using 1Plus2 with Uber and enjoy this combo ever I bought them.  However, I need to lay the uber in a way to allow it for a big turn and this is what care needs to be taken when using uber.
  14. Audiowood

    If Gavin would make a portable uber, I might sign up for it. That's the only thing holding me back from getting this cable, I ended up with twau cable, which is not too bad.. But I always wondered how it will sound with uber.
  15. flymetothemoon
    Portable uber might never appear due to its nature...solid core.  
    Sound wise, there are enough comments in this forum on the uber...hearing is believing.  
    I could well justify the investment in consideration of the amount of time I can spend on my gear over work days.  
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