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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. tgdinamo
    True - lot of people ranting and flaming AK (and Tera builder Charles Atlmann as another example) because they can't afford their products at new prices (but people are ranting because they know/suspect these products have the best SQ so as audiophiles really want them).
    These vendors are gambling that those audiophiles who simply must have the best (hobby means that much to them) will somehow find the way to buy anyway even at astronomical prices (and that there will be enough of those people to make it a good business for them - it's a business decision and who knows if they are right or wrong).
  2. Bluebear
    I have a big problem with my 1plus2. I dropped and lost my left earpiece today and I cannot find it anywhere. Anyone knows if it is possible for Gavin to replace just the left IEM instead of me having to buy a completely new set? :frowning2:
  3. AmberOzL

    I am sorry, I don't mean something bad, but your situation just made me laugh.
    Not to be mean or anything, it is just, I don't imagine myself losing only left or right earpiece of SE5way. How can you lose only one of them?
  4. Bluebear
    The connection with the cable pins to the left earpiece came lose and it dropped off when hanging around my neck. This is not the first time it has fallen off. I am sure you have experienced it before when using IEMs. I have also read of other 1plus2 users having similar dropping off issues previously, so I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has experienced it falling off.
  5. vladzakhar

    This was one of the reasons I sold my pair. They didn't want to stay secure and were fallen out to often. They should look at how JHA Roxanne made the connectors. I have no fear of loosing them whatsoever.
  6. tgdinamo
    Happened to me many times as well (with the 1p2 gold-silver cable it happened on almost daily basis). I feel very fortunate to have not dropped or lost the piece. 
    However since I started using Double Helix Cable it has never happened (sadly it seems to be more of a problem with the 1p2 cables than third party ...).
  7. ariesq
    I'm hoping their new IEM with MMCX connectors won't have this problem. But quick research on MMCX connectors doesn't look too positive either (sound cut-offs etc). 
  8. vladzakhar

    I am telling you, the Roxanne connector is the only way to go.
  9. Bluebear

    But I love the SQ on my 1plus2. [​IMG] I have gone to the local audio stores on multiple occasions and tried almost every single latest TOTL IEMs out there, e.g. JH, Fitears, UM, Shure, Sennheiser, etc. and I still cannot find one that can replace my 1plus2 in terms of SQ and soundstage. 1plus2 is so airy, clear and wide it is like listening to speakers instead of IEMs.
    Now I am thinking if I should get another 1plus2 replacement from @spkrs01 (Gavin) or wait for his new Ref. 1 IEM due soon in May. But it seems like the Ref. 1 IEM's SQ is quite different from 1plus2, so I am not sure if I would prefer it over 1plus2. It will probably still sound fantastic though from the description that Gavin gave.
  10. Audiowood
    Yeah the connector is the weakest link, dropped the left nut before, thankfully I am in the office when this happens. I feel u man..
  11. flymetothemoon
    Same here.  Glued my uber on the 1Plus2 and they don't get apart.  
  12. burtomr
    A while back Gavin recommended using white glue on just the edge of the square connector socket. I did this and haven't had any problems with 'drop-offs' since. Make sure whatever brand you use is water soluable and removable....don't use any solvent based glue that will harm the acrylic.
    This is a good well known brand here in the US:
  13. flymetothemoon
    Thanks for your advise.  I've used Contact Adhesive and might be difficult to remove.  
    However, my next move is to send the 1Plus2/Uber back to the factory and re-terminate with the Ref 1 and I'll be using the 1Plus2 with the Tralucent Silver only (can't afford to have two Uber + is not practical to be used on-the-go).
  14. AmberOzL

    Only high end iem I have is SE5way, which is silicone earpiece ciem, I have no fear of them fallen but I understood your situation better now. I remember other persons were also discussing that loose connection and how much it could create problem. Apparently if created quite a problem with you.
    Again, sorry to hear your bad experience. I hope Gavin would be helpful in your situation.
  15. Bluebear
    Thankfully Gavin is very kind and has pm'ed me to help me sort it out. [​IMG]
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