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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Bluebear

    Wow I'm speechless. Getting this new IEM will probably prove to be even more exciting for me than the recent purchase of my AK240! I wonder if this new IEM will revolve around the Uber cable or some unique proprietary cable again.
  2. bmichels
    any availability estimate date ? 
  3. Audiowood
    I was almost in the same boat as you, now it seems like I will reserve the cash for Ref.1.  I am really interested in this, more so than Hugo Chord. I am sure with Gavin's taste, this will be one hell of an IEM.
    May seems like 10 years away now.. The wait begins here.. lol
  4. Bluebear
    I think it's estimated to be released in May.
  5. zachchen1996
    And I thought the oncoming release of the DX90, Calyx M, Fiio X5, HiFiMAN HE560, and HE400i all around the same time was a handful. But now this too? RIP WALLET [​IMG] 
  6. Gintaras

    OMG, subscribed 2x :D
  7. DannyBai
    Oh no!
  8. elnero
    Wow! Ever since hearing the 1Plus2's I haven't found myself getting overly excited about new product announcements, but a new Tralucent IEM? Now that is exciting news indeed! Looking forward to reading more about them and hopefully getting to hear them as well.
  9. xaddictionx
    Hybrid IEMs are definitely intriguing and interesting! Interested in the new Ref.1 for an upgrade to ASG2! :)
  10. Gintaras
    Gavin, please bring them in... new 1p2 sooooo exciting, huh hopefully there will be a tour of this new baby??? :D
  11. Bluebear

    I think it's not really related to 1plus2 in terms of SQ according to lee730, so it is not exactly a new 1plus2. There will/may be other IEMs from Gavin that will replace 1plus2 when the time comes. The Ref. 1 will most likely be addressing a different kind of SQ to complement rather than replace 1plus2, but definitely exciting to hear it from a 2+2 Isobaric/k dynamic drivers. I just hope it is not too expensive. [​IMG] 
  12. AmberOzL
    Didn't you read the agreement before becoming an audiophile?
    You simply don't hope things like that in this hobby [​IMG]
  13. lee730
    Yeah you Dream it instead :wink:...
  14. tgdinamo
    Don't you know nothing can sound great if not uber expensive [​IMG]
  15. Bluebear

    AK did that and you see lots of unhappy audiophiles ranting and flaming AK.
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