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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. lee730
    Will it be called reference 1? He told me a different name :wink:...
  2. holeout
    As of latest communique (this morning) it's the "Ref One" :)
  3. lee730
    I just clarified that with him. It was originally going to be the 2+2 but he changed that. Strange that I'm hearing rhapsodio released their own reference 1 lol...
  4. Bluebear
    2+2? Is it also a hybrid BA+dynamic like 1plus2? 2 BAs + 2 dynamic drivers? [​IMG] This sounds exciting.
  5. lee730
    I'm not exactly sure of all the details yet. But he said he is going to save the "1Plus" naming-scheme for later iterations of IEMs that will be more closely related to the 1Plus2s sound signature. The Reference 1 is voiced quite differently from the 1Plus2 to my knowledge.
  6. Bluebear
    I see. Can't wait to see review of it when it's out in May.
  7. spkrs01
    Thanks for the kind words of our new IEM, which will be named the Ref. 1
    A few spec details for clarification:-
    - We are using an Isobaric/k dynamic driver. Which is two dynamic drivers sealed moving in tandem in the same direction (we purchased every unit available)
    - TWFK BA drivers
    - Filter less system
    - Proprietary silver/gold internal wiring especially developed for the Ref. 1
    - Smaller Shell
    - MMCX connectors
    - 26.8 Ohm
    tomscy2000 likes this.
  8. wonjun
    Hi, Gavin,
    thank you for sharing the details.  Very interesting technologies used: 2-driver isobaric (first for an IEM, I suppose?) for more bass in a smaller enclosure, and filterless (!).
    Any forecast on pricing?  I have to prepare to sell my 1+2 :).
    Thank you,
  9. wonjun
    Also, do MMCX connectors mean that I cannot use my Uber on Ref.1?
    Thank you,
  10. spkrs01
    I cannot answer these questions due to my MOT status.................
  11. wonjun
    Ah, understood. A newbie mistake.

    I guess I'll find out eventually.

    Thank you.
  12. AmberOzL
    Wow, nice news.. Gavin, will you ever go into business of custom iems?
    On the other hand, this iem is going to be something I will watch very closely and probably wait for my wallet to relax a bit to buy. I need something that doesn't isolates like monster (SE5way) but also doesn't leak either. I can't get open back cans to use at home, so your iems might be good answer for what I am looking for.
  13. tomscy2000
    Isobaric FTW! I'm a big fan of that design, even back when I was a newbie and had my Klipsch Promedia Speakers. Even cheap isobaric designs like the ATH-IM50 have pretty good transient response. This will be good for low/high coherence!

    You could just get the connectors reterminated to MMCX, though that would mean that you wouldn't be able to use the Uber with other IEMs that still use the two-pin system.
  14. tupac0306
    I thought it's named 2+4? Ref.1 is a different one ? ;p
  15. bmichels
    AHHHH... I just received my Custom Roxane !!   I guess I need to save some more money again !  [​IMG] 
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