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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Jwm48324
    The sound is not thicker but fuller. Thicker to me means more dirty. The sound is not dirty. Yes the stage is bigger in the balanced mode.
  2. a_recording
    For my ears the 7550 isn't as bad as forward as the EX1000, but it still has a certain nasal / dry quality to it.
    Back to the 1Plus2 it also has a peak, but somewhere else in the frequency range...
    On a technical level one thing I am curious about in the 1Plus2 is the dynamic driver's positioning behind the balanced armature drivers. Unless there is some kind of delay introduced in the crossover for the TWFK unit this should mean that it is technically impossible for the sound waves from the dynamic driver to reach the ear the same time as the BA driver frequencies. That should result in some interesting effects in terms of soundstaging / imaging because it would introduce a spatial artefact.
    On the other hand though the difference in distance may simply be too small to be make any difference psychoacoustically. I don't really hear anything I can point to as a result of this arrangement apart from wondering if the sense of scale from the bass is in part because of an introduced delay.
  3. lee730
    When you say a fuller sound I interpret that as a thicker sound. When you say dirty I'm interpreting that as being muddy.
  4. kkcc

    Incidentally I quite like the tralucent gold/silver cable on my jh13pro fp. Should be able to get a loaner of whiplash twag gold v2 later to compare.

    The gold/silver cable gave the 13pro a more refined and fuller mid without sacrificing treble or subbass. However I still like the 1p2 better over my 13pro.
  5. lee730
    Did you just recently get them? Hows the fit an isolation for you?
  6. kkcc

    Fits well and excellent isolation. I got it with the end of summer sale with a few other friends who practically dragged me to audiologist lol as they say I need to give customs/JH another chance.

    But with the shorter tips (still reach 2nd bend) I requested I still cannot wear it as long as I can with universals. Oh best parr of it is the custom arts where I can put my alma mater (and my favorite sport team)'s emblem on it..
  7. lee730
    That's good to here. lol peer pressure :p.
    Your ears actually look to be slightly similar to my ear canal shape. So I can relate to you on comfort issues. Both the 8A and the SE5 went up to the second bend in my ear. There is a crook in that area of my ear though which is different from most peoples ears as well as other aspects of my ears. I do not find them more comfortable than universals as I always feel my ears are filled. So I know they are there. With my universals I'm more likely to forget they are there as my ears feel more free. Then of course not having pressure put upon the ears does help. You may have to give your ears more time for the JH13s to be more comfortable.
    This was the case with both the 8A and the SE5. I had pain initially for the first few days with the 8As. Maybe half a week and then it was all good. Comfortable enough where I didn't see any issues. Just not as comfortable as a universal still. The feeling is different. With the Se5 is was worse initially. I think in part due to my ears not really sweating with silicone in my ears and it being very dry was causing issues. Plus I hadn't used CIEMs in over a month so my ear were more sensitive. Ear lube can help out with comfort issues making inserting and removing the CIEM much easier. Now I'm at the point where it's not a requirement on the SE5. Seems both ears are fine now which I'm very happy about. Did not want to jump through hoops to get customer support. :frowning2:
  8. kkcc

    More like peer revenge for them to return the flavor after getting them into many gears....

    Now looking my 13pro and ur se5 pics side by side it does seems our canal are similarly structured. Hope I can get more used to it this time around. If nothing else it still is a great collector item for me with my school colors on :)
  9. lee730
    Yeah I tried posting the picture sideways for you (not sure why it turned the other way lol) and in that angle they really do look very similar in shape. I do suggest you give the hearing aid lube a try. I ordered 3 things. For some reason one of the products hasn't come yet so I'm gonna follow up on that (was a hearing aid water based creme). But the Miracell has worked wonders and it is healthy to use in your ears. It moisturizes them and can help to reverse scarring. I'm pretty sure that should give you a quick fix and at some point you might not have to use it anymore. Although some people end up having to use it all the time with their Hearing aids. Just make sure not to get it into the sound tubes and wipe them down after usage. It doesn't really take much at all (maybe a couple drops) and you move the solution around in your ears.
    Let just say when I first got the SE5 it was so bad where if I left them in for over 10 minutes and then tried removing them it felt like my ear was either being cut or was bleeding lol. Very painful. Like blood circulation being cut off to the ears. After a few days that side effect seemed to have subsided. But the rubbing up against the walls of my ears in certain areas was still very painful after a while. So when I used that Miracell I was able to wear the SE5 for over 2 hours without any major issues. With time things got better So I bet this would solve your issue and probably would solve most peoples fit issues if it's regarding comfort for the most part (opposed to actual seal issues).
  10. lookingforIEMs
    Hey...... Anybody that owns a 1p2 can meet next next Thursday? Really interested in hearing them and I've heard that many 1p2 owners live in Singapore

    Edit: I think I forgot to mention I'm in Singapore haha
  11. Gintaras
    mate, you better do not do it BECAUSE once you hear 1p2 you will forget all other IEMs [​IMG] 
    seriously you must try it because this IEM can save you a lot of money which you will otherwise waste on endless upgrades before you again come back to 1p2 [​IMG] 
  12. lookingforIEMs
    Haha yes I hope so. They cost around $18xx in my country but i Hope they live up to their reputation when i hear them. People with UERM demos are also welcome! I'm curious to see whether they're as good as ppl say them to be and whether the 3 drivers are as good as 6 drivers in the case of many other CIEMs in that price range. They do sound like the drivers are as fully utilized as eg fitear's drivers from the many reviews.
  13. EveTan

    Well, at this price point, it's more about preference. Personally, I would not be satisfied with the 1P2 as my only IEM. But that also has to do with the music I listen to. Without the demo tour, I would have never known, so that's a plus :wink:
  14. ChrisSC
    Sorry for not doing an aggressive search cuz too many non-related posts came up, but can someone who's tried them both ways share their impressions of how the 1plus2s sound ran balanced compared to single ended?

    Many thanks,
  15. Sibiriak
    Hey, if some russian reader will interesting - I wrote a review fro 1plus2 in russian. If it permited I could post it here or just give a link to russian forum
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