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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Gintaras
    yes music, you right, i myself was surprised but perhaps i had too high expectation for sony?

    or perhaps i am maximalist, Maximus Decimus :D

    so mdr7550 waits for James to collect it, i tried several times after my posts but i cannot listen to mdr7550 for longer than 10 minutes :frowning2:
  2. music_4321
    ^   Remember that I myself own some pretty good phones — I still think several of your comments are/were way off the mark.
  3. Gintaras
    Music, when you want to sell your Parterre pls give me a buzz :)

    on the rest, i admit some emotional hyperbolation but mdr7550 really underwhelmed me :frowning2:

    as regards what i hear i always compare this to my front end rig and live venues i am visiting.
  4. music_4321
    Be careful what you wish for — you never know, you might like the Parterres even less than the 7550s!
    I've been to a few concerts myself, attempted to play a couple of instruments at various points in my life, been around musicians a few times, and have heard the odd decent rig. But hey, I'm a sparrow... and sparrow's ears...
  5. Gintaras
    Music, that says it all :wink:

    And you know we do not have to love the same things to be in agreement, cheers :p
  6. music_4321
    No, we don't. You love sexy sexy Madonna and I love sexy sexy Kiteki Justin Bieber — there lies the difference between you and me.  :wink:
  7. burtomr
  8. burtomr
  9. Gintaras
    bwahaha ... mates, you made my evening :D
  10. goodvibes
    There's a reason that Gavin uses the cables that he does. I know the Moon as well and don't think it would be a great match. I wouldn't call the 1+2 cable sensitive but it does respond better to a certain sig. Be happy the maker gets it and offers options withing that sig. I was a bit disappointed in the Moon on my JHs. Not bad but trade offs. 
    I'm always baffled when someone gets a product that's been well tuned and proceeds to swap out important signature bits like tips and cables before even giving it a stock listen.
  11. lee730
    I do actually find them to be cable sensitive. Meaning they can change quite a bit from cable to cable. Where it's not what I'd call just subtle but very noticeable changes. It can be for the good or the bad. Just depends on your preferences. With silver vs the gold I felt the silver cable gave the 1Plus2 a more aggressive touch. But with more bass. Along the lines of bass heavy even. With a wider sound stage with mids being further back. With the gold I find the 1Plus2 to be more detailed overall, with a smoother presentation. There's more resolution, bass is leaner with more definition. Mids are a bit more forward and thicker, treble is more refined. The sound staging got bigger IMO with more balance between width and height. On the older gold cable however the sound staging got smaller and more intimate, while being even smoother overall. A more laid back sound with more emphasis on the mids.
  12. lee730
    While I don't think the MDR-7550 are a bad IEM at all. Compared to the IEMs I have now they would get no listening time. They simply don't compare IMO. I definitely don't find the MDR-7550s to have a larger sound staging than the 1Plus2. The imaging and placement of instruments in the sound stage is clearly superior on the 1Plus2. On the MDR-7550 the sound staging is actually more intimate. The 1Plus2 has more treble extension and it's treble is smoother. Bass on the 1Plus2 reaches deeper and is more controlled (as well as a faster decay). The 1Plus2s mid-range is thicker. With the wrong tips the MDR-7550 could definitely be on the thin/narrow sounding side for me which reminds me more of the EX1000 at that point. This was with the Sony Hybrid tips and was not desirable at all as this would accentuate treble spikes and cause fatigue.
  13. Jwm48324
    I have had the 1 plus 2 for 5 months so I think I know what his cable sounds like. With the 901 the Moon audio cable balanced sounds way better. I am sure turning the 1 plus 2 into a balanced system makes a difference. Whatever the reason they are much fuller and natural. With the silver gold cable the sound is much leaner with a definate emphasis in the top end.
  14. music_4321
    I haven't heard the 1p2 but allow me to have very serious doubts about your comment regarding treble on both IEMs (highlighted text).
    That may well be the case with you, but with Sony hybrids I get absolutely no treble spikes at all and absolutely no fatigue whatsoever.
  15. lee730
    I think running the cable in balanced mod does have an impact on the sound staging. At least from what I've read? I don't know about the overall thicker sound though, unless that possibly goes hand in hand? Did the sound staging get bigger for you in balanced mode?
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