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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. DannyBai
    I tried it balanced but the silver/gold single ended cable sounded better than the balanced cable I was using.
  2. elnero
    That just means you need to try a balanced version of the silver/gold cable. :wink:
  3. DannyBai
    THAT and the UBER would be a real treat.  
  4. goodvibes
    Balanced offers no technical advantage unless a device has some other differential distortion or noise cancelling that hasn't been summed so needs to be at the headphone (unlikely). It's strictly about amp quality and proper grounding which is often missed in electronics. A balanced amp can sound better like any other amp but not particularly because it's balanced. 
  5. ChrisSC
    Thanks all for responses!
  6. kkcc
    I had try to explain many times to folks on the hm901 thread that the "balanced amp board" provided better sound not really becoz it is balanced but becoz it's a entire different amp with much better opamps than the "stock single-ended" amp.  
    Having said that, with the 901, I do still find a large sound stage/more diffused sound with a balanced cable (a UE118pro custom cable balanced vs a stock one) .  I had been wanting to balanced my gold/silver cable but I need SE with other DAP and I haven't yet been able to find a quality TRRS->TRS adapter.....
  7. BooBoo91
    Please inform us to know if you find out one. i'm also looking for it. 
  8. goodvibes
    Makes you wonder about the upcoming IEM board. I'm not really following the 901 that closely at the moment but something similar to 1/2 the balanced board could actually be better. Lower output impedance and no need for exact symmetry for best results. Could sound more articulate.
  9. kkcc
    I had the IEM card briefly and feels it have the same sig as the balanced board but just have lower output levels.  Agree this may pair "better" for the likes of TG334 or JH13pro that are ultra sensitive if just for the wider usable volume range with the stepped attenuator. 
    With the 1plus2 I prefer the balanced board over the IEM board as the notes are delivered with more authority and fuller sounding while giving a grand soundstage.  Mids could be a bit too far for some and I can imagine those who like mid centric sound would prefer the IEM board over the balanced board.
  10. Mimouille
    I am satisfied with the balanced amp board with 1plus2 and se5...but maybe because the se5 has a high impedance so more power is good? I am just saying that and have no clue...

    Concerning the TRRS to TRS adapter, I should get mine with my DHC fusion TRRS cable soon.
  11. Greed
    I'm making my own. DHC's is nice, but $120 for an adapter!? Anyways, if you are interested - I'll let you know what I think when I get my Fusion cable or my Uber back terminated TRRS. I can make you one as well, just pm me. 
  12. Gintaras
    came back from Peter Gabriel show, one word WOW.... Guys, plug your 1p2 and listen to music, in the end all this talk about gear is finding pleasure in music listen. Shock the monkey :)
  13. lee730

  14. Gintaras
    Lee, Gabriel is stunning, his music is something special, i cannot convey to full extent how excited i felt yesterday.
    now i know how to spend my weekend, lock in room or use my portable rig and replay all Gabriel recordings, goosebumps [​IMG]
  15. Gintaras
    Lee, one word: STUNNING... i am speachless and breathless after the concert [​IMG]
    love love love Gabriel:



    he is ever young:

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