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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. lee730
    Sell some other gear to protect your wallet :). You'd probably be able to sell off the miracles and merlin and have enough if not more :p.
  2. DimitriTrush
    Hello! Greeting from MA here
    Any one planing to attend Canjam Audio Fest this year in Denver on Oct 11-13? 
    1plus2 and T1 (newest version) will be at our Display table
    Come and check us out
    For  the relevant Thread Please check CanJam Meet  here 
    Those not able to come over to Denver,  if you are interested in hearing any of our Gear we will bring along  
    drop me a PM or post on this thread with request. We would like to possibly send some of the gear on Tour (In USA/Canada only
    P.S. If we can gather few headfiers  who can get the desired unit in for testing for a week or two and sending it to the next headfier in line.
    Looking forward to your feedback
  3. kkcc

    Yup the 1p2 pretty much killed the iem upgrade/sidegrade hobby for me... I never felt contend with just 1 pair of IEM even with the tg334. But now I am listening almost exclusively to 1p2, with a little bit of re600 whenever I have the balanced amp card installed on my 901.
  4. lee730
    I have to agree. I would have been very much satisfied with just the 1Plus2 and Sui. But it's nice to have 3 :). I honestly have 0 urge at all to try other IEMs although it is still nice to try. Not to mention I don't like keeping gear I never use.. That tends to happen once I get to 3 IEMs or more.
  5. Mimouille
    I only partly agree with this. Clearly the 1plus2 is a reference for me and performs above almost all else. However, it is quite "perfect" and it is really nice for me to try other things that are less perfect but have more flavor from time to time.
  6. Gintaras
    boys, i never suggested only one IEM no matter how perfect.... what i meant is the IEM which sounds right and musical from top to bottom.
    1p2 is my main universal IEM but i am looking around to add another IEM with more mid centric emphasis like TG334 or ASG2 and that could compliment my 1p2.
    but 1p2 is Vodoo and will remain such no matter what other IEM i try... Vodoo [​IMG]
  7. maguire
    So how much am I looking at for the 1plus2 with silver gold cable?
  8. kkcc

    Well I do and still have the tg334 AND asg2 but still I m just reaching for the 1p2 ALL THE TIME... not sure if it is perfect but it definitely is the undisputed favorite for me.
  9. AmberOzL
    Hey Gintaras, would you consider ciems? Why don't you take a look at SE5way? I wouldn't call it mid centric but mids are slightly forward. Beyond this world bass capabilities and extremely airy, smooth highs. Sure you must heard about it and now how much people like it. Also I see you are in Eu too, it can be good and easy deal for you + comfort and isolation of the silicone earpieces.
    I am suggesting this because I feel like they complete each other. I am thinking about getting 1+2 (not now due to budget problems) and stop buying c/iems for a long while [​IMG]
  10. lee730
    Do I hear a million dollars? :wink:. I'm not exactly sure what the pricing is. But the base price to my knowledge is $1,300 with the standard 6 OCC pure silver cable.
    Edit: The link is below to one of his distributors. The pricing with that gold cable is $1,500.
  11. Gintaras
    thanks mate, my problem - I am really afraid of CIEMs mainly for health reason, you know deep insertion blocking ear canal and imposing add stress on inner ear and hygiene issues. I do not know if I am mad but CIEMs never appealed to me. Besides I do not need IEMs for outdoors mostly, except for train or plane, so isolation is not top priority.
  12. Gintaras
    agree, when i auditioned ASG2 i felt perhaps similar... still sometimes i wanted more ASG2 for mid centric ramble and weight. it all depends on material you listen and what you want to hear.
    1p2 is very accurate and highly reveleaing.
    ASG2 is a hooligan IEM which injects some spice & herbs in music.
    i can live happily with both but concur there is no contest since 1p2 is the upper league.
    my idea of backup IEM is some rambling mid centric style presentation. ASG2 is very close here but a few issues make me pause on it. i still want to hear TG334 or Parterre and perhaps a few other IEMs before deciding. i wish SE5 could be available in IEM form, not CIEM.
    i also hope Aurisonics does not waste time and introduces tuned ASG2 and upgrade cable.
  13. lee730
    Have you ever tried a CIEM though Gintiras? Not saying that invalidates what you are saying. But they do have their own advantages as well. Now I can't honestly say it's as comfortable as my universals. Then again my ears are very different from most so that probably plays a roll in that. But the isolation and the fit is very nice to have. I basically wanted 1 CIEM to fill that void and I'm now pretty much set. If you want a CIEM that can truly compliment the 1Plus2 on as high of a level if not very close then the SE5 is it. The mids are very seductive and ultra revealing. The treble extends very high yet is also very smooth, not quite as smooth as the 8A but it has more bite to it which I like. Bass digs very deep. The sound is on the laid-back side but doesn't sacrifice any detail. I love the thicker note weight and the slightly warm tonality. The sound staging is also out of head like the 1Plus2 but in a more intimate presentation. The main focus is on depth of the staging compared to the width which is smaller. It's definitely the sound signature I was after. Just wish I opted for it beforehand... [​IMG] 
  14. AmberOzL
    As someone who could never get a nice seal/sound/comfort/isolation with universal iems, I found my peace in ciems. Now I only have silicone earpiece ciem and I feel like I can wear them 10+ hours without a problem. Never had a chance to wear that long though.
  15. Jwm48324
    I have to post this because I was going to write off the Tral. 1 plus 2. I just received my Silver Dragon cable that I had reterminated with the balanced connector that fits the HIFIMAN 901. I like the sound much better. It is fuller and not as lean, compared to the silver gold cable that came with the 1 plus 2. This headphone is very cable sensitive. It may be that the 901 sounds better balanced.
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