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Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Joe-Siow
    8 conductors. Very bling bling...
  2. hifimanrookie
    Sorry to correct u..but i think piccolino must be number 1...as thats the most expensive one and best one if i understand it right..i mean..if the numbers represent the best to good.. Wait..all cables of frank are best in their sort...damn...so its super super super best to best then?.from top to bottom.. 1 to 6? Or didnt u use the numbers for that reason? :p u see..i am even confusing myself..hahaha :D
  3. rmappita
    No... =P When I walk around I use my iPod Nano alone. Thats is my side bed rig.
    Thank You Frank
  4. rmappita
    Hi longbowbbs, I sold my MK3 because to my ears it did not pair well with my customs, to much 'humm'' and I HATE that, so I tested the RSA 71-A and IMO it has a smother sound, black background on low gain,  so I bought it.  [​IMG]
  5. zachchen1996
    Does anyone have the anthrax pure silver cable and the silver poison cable, what are the sound differences between them? Because one is pure silver and the other contains a dash of gold.
  6. longbowbbs

    That does seem to be the one issue with the RX-mk3. Looks like both the SR-71a & b are winners! Love the photos too, Thanks for sharing!
  7. Joe-Siow

    Nope, didn't use the numbers for ranking. Merely the range that Frank is holding for IEMs.

    Edit: will re-listen to piccolino from a friend again for re-evaluation to avoid advising wrongly.
    Will repost findings once done.
  8. hifimanrookie

    Really? That cable is the second most expensive cable ( bar the venom) that frank sells and u say The soundstage shrank? Interesting.. Hey frank...i thought that the piccolino was best of both worlds..silver(airy and big soundstage and articulate) and copper (warm and good low bass and intimate)..can u pls explain? As i need a cable for me he500..and if the piccolino shrinks on of the thing whats special on my he500 then i have to choose another cable..can u pls advice?
  9. longbowbbs
    I vote Silver Poison!
  10. Joe-Siow

    Will re-listen to piccolino again from a friend before posting new findings.
  11. hifimanrookie

    But No worries..i respect ur findings..no matter ..its ur ears..so dont worry bout wrong advises..i was just surprised as those crystal cables piccolino are said to be a uniqum in cable land as they have both bests of copper and silver..maybe frank can inform us better as being the specialist :wink: as i said..its for a he500 connected to a very solid state sounding 337.. :D
  12. longbowbbs
    SP's are Silver and gold...I'll take gold over copper anyday...:)
  13. Staal
    I'll be receiving a piccolino IEM cable soon to compare with my SP. I'll make sure to post my thoughts as well. 
  14. longbowbbs
  15. Toxic Cables
    1000th Post. Congrats,
    You are now the owner of a brand new HiFiMAN HM601 8G Slim.
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