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Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. longbowbbs
    Welcome aboard the Toxic Cables Train KimChee! Remember to tip your conductor....(Pun intended!)
  2. sleeppygap
    Hi, I am new to this forum, I have a hd650 and I want get a cable that will give me a brighter sound on mid and high without sacrifice my lower end, so just wondering which cable is more suitable for me, thanks
  3. cogsand gears
  4. Joe-Siow
  5. Staal
    Just read through your post. I find it quite interesting that you prefer the Silver Poison over the TWag with gold. Frank sure nailed it with his SP [​IMG]
  6. Fairwell
    Even though I've been reading a lot of reviews/impressions over the last few years, I have never done one myself. Therefore I might be not the best person for a good/detailed comparision, especially since my old stock cable is broken and no side-by-side comparisions are possible. I've been using the HD800 for several hours a day since they came out (bought them soon after), so I hope my memories don't fail me. :)
    The most dramatic change was that the sound signature is way darker with the SP. It's even a tiny bit too dark for me, but the reason could easily be that I've been used so much to the bright sound of the HD800+stock+my amp that the headphone gets a different significant different sound signature this way. The bass on the SP is emphasized way more on the SP (the amount of base you get, with the stock I used equalizing for some songs to get the base to my taste) but with the SP it's absolutely not necessary any more. Since early revisions of the HD800s (like mine) do differ to newer revisions (based on what I've read on the forums) this might not be that drastic any more with new HD800s. It's tough to answer your question about which cable being more neutral, because I don't think I have listened to enough different audio gear already to be sure how exactly neutral should sound like. The HD800 itself already sound quite neutral to me and since the SP doesn't require me to boost certain frequences (I only did this for certain songs and not by very much, otherwise I alway had the impression that while the bass was more emphasized that it lacked in detail/was not so clear any more than without) it might be the SP, but really don't count me on that.
    I think it's more resolving than the stock cable, however not too extreme. That's just my experience with the SP and others might find the experience different. I hope this helps you out.
  7. Joe-Siow
    I am not usually a bass person, more of a treble head.
    But the quality of bass that Frank is able to extract from SP is nothing short of miraculous.
    The impact, texture, definition and sheer amount of the bass is just addictive.
    And what made it even more amazing it how he managed to maintain the level of clarity even with the added warmth and bass.
  8. Staal
    I'm glad to learn we hear things the same. I'm still very pleased with my Silver Poison IEM cable.
  9. DarknightDK
    This definitely helps! Thanks for your impressions. I may just go for the SP after all
  10. Toxic Cables
  11. rmappita
    8188619128_7dfa4b4703_h.jpg          8188618212_fcfb3f8b88_h.jpg
  12. hifimanrookie
    Geesh..u walk around with that in ur pocket? Its a huge package..but i love the cables :D
    Seriously..it looks as a goodsouding rig. :wink:
  13. Staal
    What a lovely rig. Great looking LOD as well. What's with the black dot?
  14. Toxic Cables
    Fantastic pictures Rodrigo.
    That's epoxy, covering the hole that's on the dock connector.
  15. Fairwell
    Can someone please post pictures of the new Black Widow and Piccolino cables? And how much are the current introduction prices now? Thanks!
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