Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread
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  My Toxic collection is growing nicely....

You Totally Toxic Eric....& Lovin in By the Looks & Sounds.....

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thank you.
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Just received my cables from Frank. Initially I asked him what the turnaround time was for a set of IEM cables. But then he let me know what he had in stock and sent me a set of Virus 24. They sound great on my Shure 215s. Thanks Frank.

I would be very interested in your opinion once you have the cable burnt in. I have some SE425's I would have that cable with. Just not happy about shelling out all that cash without knowing what it is like. Enjoy!
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I have an Effect Audio Thor Copper myself and would like to know what would be the difference in the sound signature between it and silver poison. I love my current cable but felt that my current IEM can still be pushed with a more fitting cable. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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I have the Sennheiser HD650 but my DAC can be bright in the upper-mids with digital so I want to avoid digital glare in vocals but also keep the bass from going too soft.
Which Toxic cable should I try? (I use a balanced 4-pin XLR cable.)
For some reason, the Moon Blue and Silver Dragon had too much glare in vocals so I went back to the stock Sennheiser CH650 cable (this is balanced),
but I would like a better bass (more transparent and controlled, maybe deeper if possible). Cardas also sounds glare-prone to me.
(I have tried an APureSound cable that I liked a lot, but these are not available anymore. If anyone is familiar with these old APS cables, are any Toxic cables similar?)

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